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Consistency and Love

Consistency is one of the most important things to me when it comes to raising the kids in our real food household. Whether we are on vacation, they spend the night at Mimi and Pop’s house or if we have a party.

This takes effort, not just from the parents but also from family. I have been very fortunate to have a Mother in law and Mother who go out of their way to support my message for the kids.

I have been fully supported by all of the Grandparents. This is super important because the kids love and trust their grandparents and seeing them prepare the same types of foods in a different environment sends a positive message to them.

Whether it’s candy free easter baskets or special almond flour cupcakes, Mimi has been a full supporter of my efforts. And, for that I am both fortunate and grateful!

My dear Mom, Gammy traveled from Charlotte every week for the first three years of the boys’ lives. She watched them while I went back to work and fed them lunch and breakfast three days per week, always following my instructions. Now she lives here, yay! And, she watches the girls if I have errands. She knows how to fix them the best scrambled eggs!

My amazing sister has taken the boys out to lunch, knowing which restaurants serve our bodies best. Jackie is the embodiment of a real food lifestyle and is a great supporter of my efforts!

How could I forget my dearest, most amazing husband? Kevin is awesome and allows me to “explore” new recipes and does not question my health goals for the kids. Thanks to the ability of the Vitamix to fully puree all signs of unproved vegetables, he is a willing consumer of all of my meals. I love him and am grateful for his support!

I have been so blessed for my kids to have grandparents that love and support them in all ways, not just with food. Sending a clear and consistent message is so important. The girls haven’t spent the night away from me yet. But, when they do, I know they will be well taken care of! The boy’s know that Mimi makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches and coconut milk ice cream. As I have said in previous blog posts, nutrition to me means nutrient density but it also means noninflammatory foods. When made properly, with great ingredients, grilled cheese and coconut milk ice cream fit right in!

Healthy kids are happy kids!

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