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Life with two sets of twins: An Update

It has been a while since I have updated everyone on the day-to-day and my life with two sets of twins. How would I describe my life? Uniquely challenging and blessed at the same time! There are moments when I feel like I am caught in the middle of a spinning tornado with a shower of “moms” being shouted in my direction. Do you know my favorite response, “thank you for calling 555-MOMMY she is not available right now, please leave a message at the beep…BEEEEPP.” They get the biggest kick out of me “pretending” to be an answering machine and it gives me to redirect their demands.

Most of the time I am soaking in their joy, wearing my noise-reducing earplugs and laughing secretly at all of their mischiefs. I say secretly because if you laugh with them… it encourages more, which most of the time I should not be doing. 🙂 The boys are completely fascinated by all body parts and bodily functions, especially butts and toots. We have some conversations daily about the mysteries of the human body. It’s great! The girls are into anything their brothers’ are doing. They just love being with them!

The boys are 7 1/2 and the girls are 3 1/2. The four of them together in a room is a room bursting with energy! Meet my four amazing kids…


Cameron is my sweet, intuitive, creative and curious first baby. Ever since Cameron was a baby he has been exceptionally observant. He loves to watch This Old House and anything his Dad is building. Cameron is always the first one to help me in the kitchen and I never have to ask him to make his bed. In fact, he makes all the kids’ beds, just to help me! He hosts art classes in his bedroom for the girls and William. He is sweet, sensitive, but also all boy! This little guy melts my heart every day.


William is my rough and tumbles sports fanatic! He loves anything and everything sports! Whether it is watching the CrossFit games, golf, or baseball. William loves them all. He loves the fact that our new house has plenty of space to hit his baseball in the house. He is especially curious about exercise. He is always asking me, “Mommy, is this an exercise?” how cool is that! William loves making people laugh, especially his sisters! He is really good at it too! My sweet little William!

The twin dynamic!

The boys are the perfect complement to each other. Cameron loves to organize and clean things up. He is observant and attentive to detail. William has no interest in anything to do with organizing or cleaning. He loves to read and is curious about why things are the way they are. They are the perfect balance for each other. When they are apart, they are always asking what the other one may be doing. Sweet! They usually have sleepovers in Cameron’s room. I still find them snuggling on the couch together whenever they are watching a movie.


My sweet Annabelle! What can I say about this bundle of energy? Oh my gosh. Her vocabulary is amazing! This girl is always on top of things. Her personality is bigger than life and she loves to command the room. Most of the time you can find her closing her eyes and singing to her imaginary audience with her arms held wide. Annabelle is fiercely independent and loves to learn how to do things for herself. She is the puzzle master! Many times she can see the solution well before me! Her current favorite things to do are read to herself and brush her hair.


My sweet little Maddy, oh my gosh! Maddy is nothing but sugar! She is 100% girl and loves all things pink! But, at a moment’s notice, she can transform into, “madzilla” as we call her! She will chase the boys, tackle them and take a hit like the tough little girl she is! This sweet little thing loves her purple skirt and anything with a hood. You won’t find her without socks, Maddy is one of a kind. She loves her brothers and the pool! Maddy is full of life and pure joy!

The twin dynamic:

Annabelle, like Cameron, is more of a leader. Madelyn will look to Annabelle when she is confused or cannot figure something out, just like William does to Cameron. It really is amazing how similar twin A's behavior is!! The girls don’t like to be apart and are frequently holding hands. Listening to their sweet little conversations is priceless. They talk about everything from their outfits to plotting a scheme against their brothers. They love each other in a unique way. Every night they tell each other Goodnight and give each other a kiss. It is the sweetest thing!!

A mom to two sets of twins…

What a gift! Here the kids showered me with homemade cards and a construction paper-wrapped everyday chain cleaner for my bike! They tell me to thank you for dinner every night (even when they don’t like it) and always have the sweetest hugs.

No, every moment of every day is not perfect. But, at the end of the day, when I close my eyes and go to sleep, I am grateful. I am grateful for the blessings of four healthy and happy kids. I am grateful for my knowledge of how to help them thrive. I am still learning every day, I have a lot to learn! Being a mom really IS the greatest job in the world.

Thank you for reading!!

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