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Temporary Moments

I have decided lately that one of the many bright spots about motherhood is that every moment is temporary. That can be both good and bad because some moments I wish could last forever. Like when my little Maddy looks up at me and says, “My love you Mommy!” I mean, so sweet!

Or when we took our first trip to the mountains and I carried Annabelle on my back on a hike she had the best time giggling and pointing at all the new sights!

Or when my boys crushed 7.5 miles on their mountain bikes in kindergarten and rode a whole leg of the advanced loop. I was one proud mama

Blissful moments that are engrained in my memory forever! Those are moments I wish I could rewind time and relive. The feelings are there and the stories in my mind, but the physical moments are behind me now.

What you don’t see…

What you don’t see are the moments that we don’t make an effort to capture on camera because, well, they are moments of chaos or stress. And, with kids, there are tons of them. But! I have learned many things in my short time as a mom and I am gratefully learning and integrating more and more each day!

There are moments when I completely “lose my noodle” as I tell the kids. There are moments when at least two and sometimes all four kids are going nuts. Though in the movement, these moments feel like they could last forever, they are over in a split second. And, when they are over they are long forgotten, leaving the blissful moments behind.

This thought process

This thought process has gotten me through many stressful moments where it is easy to get caught up in the emotional stress that may be occurring at the moment. I simply tell myself, this too shall pass, and before I know it… it does.


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