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The Day Before Vacation

The day before a vacation is always busy. But, yesterday was even more so because we have a short vacation and routine starts again on Tuesday. I wanted to have everything done, so I won’t have a day of transition when we arrive home. I started the day early as always, with a beautiful swim. I came home and checked the garden followed by breakfast prep for the kids and a quick lunch and snack assembly. After loading up the girls and walking the boys to school I had errands all morning with the girls for our weekly groceries. My Mom came with me which was a real treat to have company. I packed the girls’ a snack of leftover breakfast, melon and a pecan stuffed date. They typically don’t eat a snack in the morning because they usually finish all of their breakfast, but, they were a bit rushed so they did not finish. We arrived home at 11:30 and I put together a quick lunch of left over meatballs, fruit, cauliflower and marinated beets. The girls were snoozing away by 12:40 which gave me 2 1/2 hours to get everything done. First off was cleaning the bathrooms, then pick up the boys’ rooms and play room, pack everyone’s clothes for the beach, vacuum and dust. Done by 1:40 pm!! I don’t know about you but I really dislike dusting and cleaning the bathrooms so when I’m done…it’s fabulous!!! Then it was on to the downstairs to unload the groceries, vacuum and clean the kitchen. I packed up all of the food that did not have to go in the cooler for the beach cut and cleaned the new cauliflower, cleaned the grapes and cut the fruit for the beach, prepared the kids’ breakfasts in their bento boxes and made their snacks for after school.

I had already made the pizza crusts on Wednesday and shredded the cheese in the Vitamix, so dinner would be ready to go. I finished up about 3:00 and brought the compost out to the garden. I did a quick mobility circuit in the garage using banded resistance, my Coretex and TrueStretch. A lot of forward reaching and standing requires the opposite mobility for great function for the rest of the day. Then I went up to get the girls up from their nap and brought them with me to pick up the boy’s from school. They always have an afternoon snack, especially Fridays when we go to TaeKwanDo and dinner is pushed back until 6:00. Yesterday they had salty raw carrots, bell peppers, some strawberries and a slice of raw Colby cheese. We walked to school to pick up the boys and arrived home at 3:45 with just enough time to get ready for TaeKwanDo. Sometimes I have a snack ready for the boys if I know that they would have finished their lunch at school. But, I had packed them a big lunch and had a feeling that they would have left overs which becomes their after-school snack. If they had finished their lunch I had some really great pears that could be quickly sliced. Does that sound crazy to be so planned? I hope not because in the long run it really makes things so much easier. I cleaned up the lunch/snack containers and laid out the pizza crusts on the sheet trays. By 4:15 we leave for TaeKwanDo, I run and the boys ride their bikes. It’s about 1 3/4 miles. I left the girls with Kevin along with instructions to preheat the oven by 5:15. Practice runs from 4:30-5:15 so we arrive home around 5:45. I treated myself to another 10 minutes of garage mobility working on my hips and T-spine. Then I prepped the pizzas and put away the clean dishes while Kevin bathed the boys. I made two different crusts tapioca and then a sunflower seed crust.

I used a simple can of organic tomato sauce, crumbled the last 6 leftover meatballs and sprinkled a bit of cheese with chopped fresh basil for the seed crust.

The boys really like the tapioca crust and their favorite is pepperoni and a little bit of cheese.

For dessert, I had a leftover chickpea flour muffin which I divided four ways and topped it with some leftover thawed blueberries and strawberries and a drizzle of raw milk yogurt. Then…bedtime!!

I made enough crust to have ready for when we arrive home from the beach so dinner will be another quick fix. I definitely consider this a “fast food” dinner. It’s not the most nutrient dense dinner but it is also not inflammatory. When you are looking to establish a real food routine it’s important to look at each meal but also at the greater context of your day. What else are you eating during the day? What raw materials are you putting in to form the building blocks for your tissue. Are congesting the system or feeding it to allow it to thrive? Once you make the choice to feed yourself and your family well every day, you will never go back. Check out my next post to learn what’s in the bento box and what I packed for the beach.


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