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Hey Mama!

Are you tired of feeling frustrated, foggy and fatigued?

Check out our “Busy Moms Post-Pandemic Support Plan” to get our simple, 3-step process on how to regain your energy, put a stop to the diet hopping, and have the vitality to be the supermom your kids need you to be.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You want to be a vibrant, active mom who is always there for your kids. But for whatever reason, you always seem to be out of time and energy. It’s hard to fully participate in everything that’s going on in your life, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with this expectation of being at 100% all of the time. You keep telling yourself “there will always be tomorrow” to fix this problem, but the real cost of waiting is actually:

Missing out on fully participating in life & motherhood

Losing your sense of self

Feeling guilt, anxiety & frustration on a daily basis

Experiencing a decline in your health

Having poor relationships with people around you

Wasting time & money on health bandaids

Hi, I'm Amy!

I am a mom of two sets of twins, and I help busy moms (just like you!) regain their energy so they can fully participate in life and have the vitality to spend time with their kids. After I had my kids, I went through a period of overwhelm where I felt constantly drained, alone, and limited in my capacity to handle the challenges of my day-to-day life.

The good news is, I also happen to be a Functional Nutritionist & Movement Coach, and I developed a unique method that didn’t just help me cope with my situation… it allowed me to regain the vitality I was missing to be fully present in every part of my life, and this is the same solution I want to offer to you today!

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The Resilient Mama Method!

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Discovery Session


We’ll hop on a call to get a better understanding of what you’re looking for, and discuss what we can do to support you in that process.

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Testing & Custom Action Plan

Step 1

Since every “body” is different, we will run labs for you to pinpoint the exact areas for improvement with your health, and develop a personalized action plan for you to implement.

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Coaching & Implementation

Step 2

You can choose your desired level of one-on-one coaching support for the next 6 months to implement your personalized action plan.

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Assessment & Adjustments

Step 3

After 6 months, we will assess your readiness to move forward independently by rerunning the original labs we did for you, and make any necessary adjustments to further support your body.

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Maintenance & Habit Building

Step 4

Lastly, we will move onto maintenance with the skills you’ve gained, and ensure that you have a strong foundation with the habits you have built throughout our journey together!

Partners & Certifications

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A few words from happy clients!

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Laura's Client Story

I sought out Amy’s help shortly after having my first baby. I knew of Amy’s work and expertise through her sister, a good friend of mine. Having heard about Amy’s sage advice and incredible life’s work years before finding myself in the postpartum phase, I decided to look her up when I found myself overwhelmed, exhausted, and drowning in a sea of Google search results on how “best” to take care of myself, too. How “should'' I eat, exercise, manage stress, etc. What I love about working with Amy is she is genuine and honest.


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Leslie's Client Story

Amy took me from a place where I had no idea where to go with my health to a place where I feel completely empowered and in control. I had no idea what was driving my brain fog, bloating and constipation and was trying all kinds of random supplements. Amy ran a microbiome test on me which showed tons of inflammation and leaky gut. I literally feel like a new person with all day energy and no discomfort when I am eating. Amy completely changed my life!!

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Lisa's Client Story

I struggled for 10+ years with debilitating fatigue, headaches, brain fog & digestive issues. My body was in a constant state of fight or flight. Anxiety & depression were increasing daily, and I woke up each morning already feeling exhausted. Between my own research & recommendations from doctors & other practitioners, I was doing a lot of things "right" but seeing only little improvement.



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