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Hi, I'm


I am a mom of two sets of twins, a personal trainer, and coach. I have always had a passion for helping others improve their health through providing strategies that bring more balance, movement and (most importantly) joy into their lives!

After my first

twin pregnancy...

Amy's Story

I struggled to regain my baseline of energy, strength and stability in my day-to-day life. Every morning, I would wake up with energy, just to feel gassed by 10AM (and ready for bed by 4PM).

This caused me to be in a constant state of stress and anxiety that only compounded with the physical discomfort I was facing at that time with ailments such as back pain, hip pain, blood sugar imbalance, and diastasis (to name a few).

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Over time...

I went from being a passionate “mover” to someone who struggled with exhaustion and residual pain after a quick, playtime workout with the kids. I was frustrated because I had no idea who to go to for help. Everyone told me that it was just a part of motherhood, but deep down, I didn’t want to believe that feeling this way was “normal”.

So… I started learning everything I could about the changes that happen to a woman’s body after childbirth. I discovered that a lot of the physical, emotional and mental triggers I was experiencing was a result of hormonal shifts, improper nutrition, lack of movement, and an unhealthy expectation of immediately returning to a pre-baby body.

My studies led me to...

Getting certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (a.k.a. a nutritionist), and I got to work right away by applying my knowledge to my own situation. I created a sustainable system of habit focusing on nutrition and movement that I stuck to even on the hardest of days.

Fast forward 3 years, movement feels easy, I feel great in my own skin, eating healthy has become a part of our home culture, and I have consistent energy all day. Not only do I feel like the supermom my kids needed me to be... I finally feel like ME again!

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About Our Coaching

I believe in an



When it comes to helping you create the flow of energy you need to meet the day-to-day demands of being a mom. While there can be many reasons for your feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, the most common denominator is often your physical health.

The truth is… your physique WILL change after having children, and will continue to change throughout your life. So instead of adding extra stress on yourself by striving for a physique that won’t do much to improve your quality of life, it’s far better to focus on improving your energy production, stress tolerance, and supporting your body with the nutrients and movement it needs to stay active and disease-free into your later years.

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The best part is...

I can walk you through each step of the process from health check to custom action plan to implementation and habit building with ongoing one-on-one coaching support. You will never be alone throughout this epic journey of transformation!

So… are you ready to regain control of your vitality and become the resilient mama your family is looking for?

Partners & Certifications

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Training & Qualifications

  • Western Carolina University — B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics

  • American Council on Exercise — Personal Trainer

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine — Personal Trainer

  • Gray Institute for Functional Transformation — Fellowship in Applied Functional Science

  • Functional Soft Tissue Transformation — Hip

  • American Council on Exercise — Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

  • Gray Institute — Functional Soft Tissue Transformation

  • Burrell Education — Pre and Post Natal Training

  • Gray Institute — Female Chain Reaction

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition — Practitioner

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition — Advanced Thyroid Assessment

  • Kendra Perry — Hair Testing Mineral Analysis

  • Institute of Motion — Designed the Prenatal Self-Care course for the Platform App

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Let's Get


If you’re ready to regain your energy and feel in control of your health, book your free 60 minute Discovery Call with us today!

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