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Bone marrow organ meat burgers and fries!

Lunchtime can be a tricky time of day. Especially on the weekend when the weather is nice and it is so much more alluring to stay outside and play. Every Mom out there knows that without lunch there is constant snacking, which will spoil any hope of dinner and result in an inevitable meltdown. Ok, maybe that does not always happen to everyone. But, I will say this, with two sets of twins, I would rather prevent the possible than wait for it to happen. Yesterday, was a rainy and cold first day of spring. So, we had no problem with the playing outside part. I did have a feeling that there would be a lot of morning snack requests which also squashes meal time. So, I got a head start on lunch prep right after breakfast. I allow one or two morning snacks before lunch. (I will discuss snack strategy in another post.)

My son Cameron LOVES bone marrow! Here is a quick recap of the benefits of bone marrow from LA Healthy Living (1).

Thus my inspiration for this superpower lunch….

I first took two marrow bones (from Roger Harris of South Chestnut Farm) and roasted them on a foil-lined sheet pan at 400 degrees for 30 min. While the marrow bones were roasting, Cameron helped me wash and peel two sweet potatoes (from Tart Farms at the NC State Farmer’s Market) and sliced them into sticks. Next, I scooped out the marrow from the bones and added half to two pounds of organ meat mix (from Whole Foods Market in Cary, NC). The other half I added back to the same pan that I roasted the bones on and tossed them to coat. I roasted the sweet potatoes coated in the marrow for 45 min at 400 degrees. I used my indoor electric skillet with the grill pan side to “grill” the marrow-infused organ meat burgers. Presto! I was ready for the hungry kiddos whenever the lunch requests began.

Sure enough, at about 10:45 am both boys were “starving” for lunch! Here you go: organ meat marrow burger, sweet potato marrow fries, raw milk, herbal jack cheese (from Miller Organic Farm in Bird in Hand, PA), and homemade probiotic ketchup.

All four kiddos can eat this meal! The nutrient density of the marrow is priceless. Not only was the meal affordable, but it packed a huge nutrition punch!

My food photography…. well, not so good. I promise to work on it. But, honestly, this is how it looks, right? They loved it and now were full until at least 1:00! SUCCESS!!


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