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Fermented Carrots

This video shows it all…a very simple process that is easy to do with the kiddos.

RECIPE for Fermented Carrots

2 pounds of raw, peeled carrots sliced into coins or sticks

1 large head of garlic, peeled

4 whole clean cabbage leaves

Peel the garlic and separate into cloves. Divide the cloves evenly between four, clean quart mason jars. Add the peeled, sliced carrots on top of the garlic. Fill to where the jar begins to narrow. Add 2 Tbsp of salt to each jar and fill with clean, filtered water. Screw on the lid and shake until the salt dissolves. Unscrew the lid and tuck a whole cabbage leaf into the top of the jar to keep the carrots submerged. Add the lid back until it is just tight. Don’t screw it on too tight. Let the jars sit on the counter for 6-10 days. Burp the jar once a day by unscrewing the lid enough to let the gasses a bit. After 5 days, this is what your jars should look like.


You know it is working well, if your jars bubble like this after 7-10 days.

Once the carrots reach your preferred flavor, move them to the fridge for long term storage. If you leave them out on the counter, they will keep fermenting and get very soft.


Add these fabulous fermented carrots to your favorite meal. Pair them with super foods like avocado and pastured eggs. Add some fresh herbs and you are all set. This is Madelyn’s breakfast plate from a couple weeks ago! Let me know how you like to enjoy your fermented foods.


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