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Low Energy: Are you on the hamster wheel?

Could this picture be you? Oh my, I cannot count the number of times in the past I felt the exhaustion that this mother is feeling! I would ask myself….”why am I feeling this way, I eat such a great diet, I exercise and have adequate sleep…why do I just feel crushed everyday by 3pm?

Fatigue that sucks the energy from your day is different than these feelings:

“I just want everyone to stop talking/yelling immediately and asking me questions and telling me they need something”, feeling. The feeling that you just want to go to a quiet space all by yourself.

I in fact had the above feelings today at lunch.

When I was a new mom, I immediately found myself immersed in guilt after experiencing those feelings. I would think, “what is wrong with me, I should not feel like I don’t want to be around my kids”. If you couple this self-induced guilt trip with fatigue, frustration, feelings of burn-out…you have a mental disaster.

Let’s get a few things straight for all of my fellow Moms!

When you say you are tired, that’s all it is!

It does not mean that you do not cherish your children and love them with every fiber of your being.

When you say that you want some alone time…it’s ok!! It does not mean that you are sorry you ever became a mother.

When you ask for help…yay for you!! Asking for help is good! It does not mean that you are incapable!

If you make noodles or PB&J for dinner one night, it’s ok! It does not mean there are noodles and PB&J every night. It does not mean that you don’t want your kids to be healthy.

If your house is disorganized one day…LET IT GO! It does not mean you are a mess and that is your house all the time!

If you feel like a total crazy person and are snapping and everyone for everything, it does not mean you are like that all the time!

You are a mother who gives up your own needs to care for the needs of another every day. You give and many times receive nothing or the opposite in return. But you don’t stop! You keep going and it is ok to say it is ok!!

What drives fatigue!

Most moms brush off fatigue, exhaustion, frustration, overwhelm…all of the above as part of motherhood. I will definitely nod my head and say absolutely true. But it should not be something that is constant and you should be able to dissolve the feelings with a restful night’s sleep or recharge with some alone time.

A common theme–stress!

When the girls were 3 1/2 and the boys were 7 1/2 I had the perfect diet, super active lifestyle, and plenty of sleep… but guess what I felt crushed daily! My body was ready for sleep every day by 3pm. I could not figure out what was missing until I ran the right labs to uncover what was going on inside!

Even though I had plenty of nutrients coming in, I was not absorbing it and I was unable to make energy from it! I was so stressed, I was burning up all of my minerals.

It is a viscous cycle, stressed because of the enormous responsibility of being a mom coupled with stress from being exhausted along with stress from just feeling off. You feel like you are on a hamster wheel, spinning, but not getting anywhere!

Minerals are the key to building sustainable energy!

The body requires adequate levels, of minerals in proper balance to take the food we eat and make energy from it.

The HTMA Test that I use in my Resilient Mama Method looks at balancing the first four macro minerals as a priority. Here are an example of just some of their functions and why it is so important to balance your minerals in order to have proper energy production.


Calcium is important for proper function of the nervous system, thyroid regulation, insulin sensitivity and pH level of the body. If Calcium is too high in the soft tissue, it can slow metabolism by inhibiting thyroid.


Magnesium is important for cell metabolism and energy production. It also impacts insulin. Magnesium is depleted with stress and is often difficult for most people to absorb so most people need some support here through supplementation.


Sodium regulates the adrenal glands, blood pressure, pH, stomach acid and more! Sodium also impacts potassium retention which is where mineral loss starts so we really want to make potassium is in balance.


Potassium regulates blood pressure, pH, cell metabolism, energy production and so much more! Potassium also makes our cells sensitive to thyroid hormone so low levels can negatively impact thyroid function.

Building energy must be done from the inside out!

Authentic energy is what you see in your kids, in those free of stress and dis-ease within the body. Authentic energy does not come from caffeine other stimulants. You can balance your body to create the energy that you deserve.

When you create authentic energy, you automatically reduce fatigue and are better able to handle life’s stressors!!

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you are on the hamster wheel!

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