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Meal Creativity


This was a breakfast this week. Pastured fried eggs in coconut oil, organic fresh blueberries (on sale and a real score at Whole Foods this week!), marinated balsamic beets and a new recipe of vegan carob banana bread with sunflower seeds.

I am hosting a real food block party in August for Moms and their kids. My goal for the party is to share recipes and real food ideas in a nonthreatening environment. Sometimes it is difficult to broach the subject of feeding kids because it is a very personal decision. I never want to come across as threatening or judgmental because I am just another Mom working hard everyday to do the best I can for my littles. The real food party is an opportunity to meet other moms and generate excitement around real food. I believe that when you have knowledge about something that could benefit someone else, you should share it! I am excited to do just that!


Another breakfast plate: One half of a teff and buckwheat banana blueberry muffin with organic butter, pastured pork liverwurst, a failed vegan version of my seed bread (I tried to use chia seeds…did not work) with coconut manna, purple sauerkraut, sautéed red onion, beet greens and parsley, banana pepper and summer squash from the garden.

I don’t throw anything out if I can help it. That is one of a lot of moms’ fears about investing in real food. The fear of wasting money on all of this expensive food. I totally agree!! The muffin was left over from the boys morning snack, William took two bites and left the rest laying on the couch…awesome (sarcastically said). So, I scooped it up, trimmed off the nibbles and divided it in two for the girls. The vegan seed bread fail was a real bummer, because that is A LOT of ingredients. It would not cook through, just a gummy middle and a super hard crust. So, I sliced it up and left it in the oven until it cooked. It was a pain but then I had some useable bread. It was not pretty, but I have a gallon freezer bag full of it.


This was William’s lunch plate: rice cracker with grass fed raw sharp cheddar cheese, steamed cauliflower, chopped apple, kiwi, pecan stuffed dates and purple sauerkraut.

Creative, colorful plates are appealing to the eye and the tummy. You will be surprised what little hands will eat when combined a certain way. A cracker in this house is a treat, even a rice cracker (which I think is a complete waste of chewing energy but they love it) and can be used as a vehicle to get other nutrient dense foods in. William used his cheese covered cracker to make a sandwich with apple and a little sauerkraut. A “combo bite”. 🙂 He LOVES dates but sauerkraut he could leave behind. When I put them on the plate together he eats it all. AWESOME!


Here is Cameron’s lunch plate. He had leftover oatmeal with blueberries to eat and left over sweet potato from breakfast. I just put them on his lunch plate to finish…because, in our house you stop when you are full but expect to see the leftovers at the next meal.


Seafood is super important for brain health. I found the Northern Catch brand of boiled oysters at Aldi, they are super tasty and have no added ingredients. They are super affordable at $1.98 per can and I can get 2-3 servings per can. William LOVES Crown Prince smoked oysters in olive oil, they are super yummy! But, they are expensive and if I let him he could eat two cans at a time. I buy Crown Prince bristling naturals sardines by the case on Amazon subscribe and save. I then save the UPC and send them into Crown Prince and they send me a 0.50 coupon for every UPC!!! So, I can use those for the oysters at Trader Joes as a real treat. Back to William’s plate…boiled oysters from Aldi, steamed wild caught shrimp from costco, baked white sweet potato, steamed green beans and a salad with tomato, avocado and black olives.

Those are just a few meals that we enjoyed in the last couple days. Please go to my FB page and share some of your real food plates. Let’s share this joy of nourishing the littles! What better way to encourage health than through our children!

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