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Nursing School: Week One! What I am doing to keep blood sugar stable and help me learn!

Week one! A mix of overwhelm, excitement, doubt and relief! SO many emotions this week! I will talk more about that in upcoming posts. Nursing school at age 44, with 4 children is an adventure AND it has only been FOUR days!!

Today I want to touch on what I am doing this first week of nursing school and testing out new/old habits that will be woven into my new existence for (what I hope will be...there is the doubt!!) the next two years!

  • Monitoring my fasting blood glucose--it has been running high 90-110 which could be related to my cortisol awakening response and habit of exercising first thing upon waking. Remember that cortisol will trigger gluconeogenesis in the liver and cause a rise in glucose when there is a stimulus. That stimulus is likely the anticipation of my workout. It typically drops after exercise to the high 90s. Still higher than I would like with a family history of type 2 diabetes.

  • Monitor blood glucose before lunch and 2 hours after--guaging my stress response and how my body is responding to the balance of nutrients I am eating. This impacts learning, inflammation and how well I will interact with the kids later in the day. 

  • Focusing on lifting heavier weight as my bod mechanics continue to improve. This helps A LOT with the long periods of sitting during 4.5 hour classes. We typically think of stretching more to support balance in the body. Although certain types of stretching are very beneficial, strength training is more powerful to even out asymmetries. This reduces overall hidden stress from body pain/compensation!

  • Getting in the sun every single day, whether that is an 8 minute walk during our class breaks or sitting on the porch working like I am doing now on non-class days.

  • Establishing boundaries with the kids while I am studying to avoid shooing them away. Picking one study area and letting them know that when Mommy is in this room, she is studying and it is important that she focus and work efficiently. This allows me to end at an appropriate time and have more time with them!

  • Preparing all of my breakfast and lunches in advance. Breakfast ideas to come...but always 35 grams of protein minimum and 10-15 grams of fiber. Lunches are a mix of prepared greens (olive oil, lemon, garlic and salt), lentils/black beans in the instant pot, fish, chicken or beef and a fermented food!

  • I ran my HTMA (more on that to come), all of my lab work with CRP, A1C, complete thyroid panel and homocysteine added on. My plan is to run them every 6 months during the nursing program. HTMA will be every 4.

  • Supplements: A whole post coming out on that soon!!

    • DoTerra: Life Long Vitality Pack, DoTerra OnGuard

    • Vykon: Fish oil, greens powder and glutamine

    • Sunfiber

    • Microbiome labs: megaspore and mega IgG2000

    • Night time: Magnesium glycinate, 5HTP, Serenity capsule from DoTerra (AMAZING)

  • Wearing my Castor Oil Pack each night! (AMYSLATERCOACHING10) to support elimination and detoxification

I am excited to share this journey through little bites of information along the way!

Make sure you connect with me on Instagram! I would love to hear from you!!


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