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Paleo Coconut Flour Pizza with a Veggie Sauce

Every time I write our family meal plan/menu, I give the boys one kid’s night each where they build their dinner. William chose pizza for his kid’s night. His veggie choice was avocado, tomato and broccoli salad with black olives and olive oil. I have been making a variety of crusts and not found the perfect one that everyone liked. My Seed Crust Pizza was a hit with the kids but my husband would not eat it (grrrr!). So, I would have to make him a separate crust with tapioca flour. I was not a big fan of this crust as it typically came out greasy and, though it was not inflammatory, it had no nutritional value at all. So, I was on the search for a whole family crust that would satisfy everyone.

I found it here! This crust was absolutely PERFECT! Thank you Paleo Spirit!


You can find coconut flour and tapioca flour at Thrive Market. I use If You Care parchment paper because it is compostable, and not bleached. The crust came out flexible on a cool pizza stone.


When I cooked it on a preheated stone it was very crispy…perfect!


I prepared the sauce on Sunday for our dinner on Monday and Tuesday, organ meat meatballs and used the leftovers for pizza on Wednesday and Thursday night. I love it when I can use one time expensive preparation for more than one dinner. For the sauce, I used my Vitamix and added a bunch of steamed veggies: beets, parsnips, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell peppers, banana peppers and okra. I pureed all together and finished the sauce with a can of drained anchovies and about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar was a new twist, but it really made the sauce super tasty!


Prepare the crust as the recipe recommends and then add your own unique sauce.


Now add fresh basil…an absolute must!


One crust had Applegate Naturals genoa salami. Avoid the hormel pepperoni! Think about the quality here! Super important as the toxins are stored in the fat and salami and pepperoni are pretty fatty meats! Also, check the additives…what is in that pepperoni/salami!

I left a small corner free of salami at Cameron’s request.


Finish with a high quality cheese. Here I used raw gouda from Miller’s Organic Farm.  Miller’s Organic Farm has A2 dairy cows and it is grass finished. That is important as it improves its digestibility and K2 content. Two big factors when it comes to dairy. Whatever you do, avoid conventional, pasteurized, non organic dairy, especially the preshredded cheese! Remember you are eating what those cows eat. Look past the packaging.


Bake at 400 F for 20 min on the pizza stone for a super yummy crispy crust.


The second pizza started the same as the salami but I used ground pastured pork sausage that I browned in the pan earlier in the day. I buy my pork in bulk for an awesome price. The farmer I source it from raises his pigs on as much pasture as possible and supplements with organic non GMO feed. I want the meat I am eating to be eating as well as I do. Remember, you are eating what they do.

I steamed the mushrooms and drained them thoroughly before adding them to the pizza.


I topped this pizza also with raw gouda and baked at 400 F for 25 minutes. It came out delish!

This crust would hold up to tons of veggies and not get soggy. I hid the veggies in the sauce and piled it on thicker than usual. I am hoping that one day my meat and potatoes hubs will come around to the awesomeness of veggies. But, for now, I will hide them all and sneak it in!


It was a big hit with the whole family. We had tons leftover in the freezer!



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