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Stress!! What is getting Sacrificed!

Stress…it comes in three categories: Nutritional, Physical and Psychological. The body does not know how to distinguish among the stresses–STRESS is just STRESS to the body. Physiologically, stress is characterized by the presence of stress hormones which result from all of these types of stresses. Two of the more common stress hormones are adrenaline and cortisol. On Monday, we talked about being addicted to stress. Yesterday, I shared a post on Instagram about a client Carrie who was dealing with many hidden forms of stress which was inhibiting her weight loss. Today, I want to talk about the 3 types of stress as Moms, and what gets sacrificed when the body adapts to being in a state of emergency or under chronic stress all the time.

TYPES OF STRESS 1. Nutritional Stress:

  • Not eating throughout the day

  • Bloating, constipation, gas and poor digestion.

  • Depleted nutrients because we are not eating enough

2. Physical Stress:

  • Too much strenuous exercise

  • Too little exercise

  • Pain, poor movement quality, weakness and pelvic floor dysfunction

3. Psychological Stress:

  • Feelings of overwhelm (work/to-do’s, kids)

  • Losing a sense of self

  • Exhaustion driving brain fog

As moms we undergo huge stressors which lead to symptoms that we normalize as…just part of motherhood. That’s not ok and NO NO NO you do not have to accept the symptoms as a normal part of motherhood. Here is what gets sacrificed when we live in chronic stress! Digestion Efficient Metabolism Mental Acuity Efficient Immune System Emotional Stability Restful Sleep Good Energy Maintaining Ideal Weight​​​​​​​​​​​​

When the body is in a state of emergency, there are certain processes that are temporarily put aside. The body is designed for survival and ALWAYS follows a hierarchy, prioritizing its utilization of energy sources to ensure the emergency is dealt with.

HERE IS A BIG SECRET!! The presence of adrenaline alerts the system that there is an emergency and inhibits certain processes like digestion, hunger and the biggest one of all–thyroid activity! Regulating your weight is NOT a priority when your body is in a state of stress. This is why all of my clients run the foundational functional lab to identify FIRST the areas of stress within the body and then we begin to build the habits that will serve them foundational for the rest of their lives to minimize the effect that stress has on their system!! Digging this info… I want to hear from you! What area is getting sacrificed in your life? For a LONG time, mine was digestion and efficient metabolism. XX, Amy​​​​​​


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