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How to use your leftovers!

I can honestly say that we consume 90% of what I prepare. There is very little that goes to waste in our house. Besides the obvious reason that we should not waste food. I also spend a lot of time preparing, cooking, and planning so I don’t want to throw out what is left on the plate. Most of the time, I scrape my kids’ leftovers into a container and add them to a handful of greens to make my breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Here is just added a filet of wild-caught salmon broiled with some spices to my kids’ leftover veggies. Presto….dinner. And, no waste!

The kids’ had leftover bratwurst and asian sweet potato from lunch on Sunday. So, I added some beet greens, a little bit of reddish bulb and greens from the garden, and five pastured eggs. I scrambled everything up with some coconut oil, added sliced strawberries and sauerkraut, and had four breakfast plates.

Every meal does not have to be fancy or complicated. In fact, it is difficult to make this work if you are trying to follow a recipe for every meal. Just use your palate as your guide. Look at your leftovers and find flavor combos that will work well together. Follow your real food principles and you can’t go wrong.

Here I was prepping peppers and onions for our Mother’s Day fajitas. Reserve the tops and bottoms of the peppers for a great add-on to your smoothies. It makes cutting the peppers into even strips easier and you don’t waste the ends.

Slice up and freeze on a sheet tray to save you leftover cake. Here the boys celebrated turning 6 1/2 with two desserts. William has a chocolate applesauce cake with a carob icing and cameron has a nut/seed flour brownie cake with cherry coconut yogurt icing. (Recipes to come soon!) Both came straight out of the freezer. When I made the cakes for their specific celebration I had in mind that we would also use them for the boy’s half birthday.

How are you using your leftovers?


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