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Life Function: Movements to power your life

Whether it is carrying babies, toddlers or eight year olds or corralling wiggly toddlers for bath time or lifting your little ones in and out of grocery carts, motherhood demands fitness. When I say fitness, I don’t mean simply crushing your favorite group class and then enjoying a relaxing day. I mean performing at a high level, at times, intense environments without breaking!

We as moms deserve to feel good, move well and love how our body looks and performs. Say that to yourself out loud…”I deserve it!!” When workouts become about performance, guess what else becomes about performance too? Your food!! There is no way that we can perform at a high level by either not eating enough, eating poor quality food, or eating too much! You have to fuel properly to function well.

Let’s dig into this circuit dedicated to improving our “Life Function” as moms!!


👬👭One of the many joys of motherhood is being active with our kids! This is a BIG part of my motherhood journey!

🏃🏼‍♀️All day activity, everyday means everything from cooking and cleaning to play and cuddling. In order to maximize your output you want to do the work to make sure your body can do it!!

❤️Here is a simple series that can be scaled even further up using a higher box. The goals are hip decoupling (which gives your back a break) and thoracic mobility

🌬 Remember your exhales as you move into the stretches!

🌟 Enjoy 5 reps per side alternating sides!


↔️Creating space and resilience through my hips is always a goal when I am training!

↘️Lunging down from an elevated surface to the floor places more demand on both hips.

😊Shifting the ViPR Pro towards the lunging foot creates a reaction similar to reaching for that runaway toddler. They are fast!!


😊Shifting away from the lunging leg with ViPR Pro helps our body disassociate and change direction. (Also essential for tag!)


❤️All of this while training the mobility of the closed pelvic ring (thank you @soft_tissue_therapy ) through both the top down reaction of the lunge and the bottom up reaction of the Powerplate.

The pelvic floor is being loaded and my structurally split (diastasis) but functionally integrated abdominal wall is being stimulated!


🌟It’s a great exercise!!


😃Enjoy 8-10 reps per side!



Transitioning into motherhood after being a competitive athlete for years was a whole new world! I had to learn how to more well in my new shell.

It’s been four years since I delivered the girls and my movement is improving still today!!

Here I am using the Pelvicore Pro with a modified push-up to lunge sequence. The Pelvicore adds resistance in all three planes of motion functionally feeding the pelvic floor.

The hand position change for the push-up along with body weight and gravity adds a different load through my thoracic spine increasing tensile strength through my whole abdominal wall. Good stuff for a diastasis!!

🌟Enjoy 8-12 rounds with your Pelvicore Pro!


Here I am using a ViPR Pro and performing a variable squat with a shoulder switch.

The variable squat feels great to my hips! Decoupling the hips allows my SI joint and whole spine to move more efficiently all day long!

This makes my whole day easier with better movement all day!

🌟Enjoy 10-20 shoulder switches with your ViPR Pro!


🧘‍♀️ What if your training sessions set you up for feeling incredible about yourself and left you energized and ready to tackle the day!?

🤗Yes! It can and should be that way! Moving your body in novel ways that support your movement needs feeds function!

Here I am feeding my functional needs using a ViPR Pro and moving my hips and thoracic spine through all three planes of motion! My Vivobarefoot swim/run shoes help my feet hug the ground and build tensile strength through the whole chain!

Keep moving! Keep inspiring! Don’t give up!!

🌟Enjoy 5-8 repetitions per side!


🙋🏻‍♀️Do your hips and shoulders tend to get really tight?

🌟Did you know that tight hips and shoulders negatively affect breathing and the pelvic floor?

😁Moving your body weight through a successful range of motion with breath is an effective way to improve your mobility and pelvic health.

😊This ground-to-standing pattern has all of the goodness you need to move well throughout the day whether it is playing on the floor with your little people or walking that 30 min mile while holding a little hand!

❤️Enjoy 8 rounds of alternating feet on the step back!

USE CODE MHEALTH10 for a discount on your order of Vivobarefoot!!


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