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Week 21 Post Abdominoplasty: Looking Ahead

Although I have been working on core reintegration for almost a decade now, I have not really felt more core function as I did before my pregnancy with the boys. Within the last couple of weeks, I have started to feel a true core integration very similar to how I used to feel! It really is amazing!!

My whole purpose for going through the abdominoplasty was to improve my function in my training, work, and everyday life. Driven by that purpose, I asked my surgeon to use a functional approach to his technique and not lock me down with the pure goal of aesthetics. He was quite surprised about my request and said it was the first time he had ever approached a plastic surgery with the request by a patient to not focus on the aesthetics primarily.

Don’t get me wrong, I was glad to see about 5 pounds of extra skin go, but I am most pleased with the increased stability. I still have another 7 months to go until all of the lymph drainage, nerves, and tissue trauma fully resolves.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition–building the health of the cell

Four months before surgery, I began a protocol to address an imbalance in my gut and some preexisting infections. I built this protocol while completing my training as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. The protocol ended two weeks before surgery and resumed two weeks after surgery. The goal was to optimize the environment of my gut for absorption of nutrients, decrease inflammation and improve the health of my cell.

Two weeks ago I started my mineral balancing program based on my test results from a hair mineral analysis. This really has been a MASSIVE turning point! I am so excited to add this skill set to my services. My current protocol is focused on rebalancing my minerals, improving detoxification, and improving hydration. ALL are hugely important to the synthesis and quality of the connective tissue.

During that time I plan to continue to document my incremental loading! This week’s series is all about increasing time under tension. When you increase the time under tension it increases the intensity with less risk of tissue injury. Some of the videos are sped up to fit in all variations of the movement. But these patterns are all designed to move in a slow and controlled manner.

Onto the exercises!!

This series of patterns at 21 weeks post abdominoplasty is about improving time under tension and then using a driver, in this case, it is a ViPR Pro and my hand, to challenge the held position!

My goal is to be functionally superior to what I am today, 10 years from now! I choose to invest in the tools and education to get me there! ViPR Pro and Vivobarefoot.

Wherever you are, with the right inputs there is ALWAYS a way to improve!!

Continuing with my time under tension theme this week... Here is a great pattern that typically takes about 5 minutes to move through!

My hips and pelvic floor crave the deep flexion! I am starting to feel more comfortable with increased rotation!

1️⃣Start with deep hip flexion and use arm drivers to reach and allow the hips and feet to react and hydrate the tissues!

2️⃣Then move into prone hands and feet and use a foot and hand driver to challenge the core along with gravity!

3️⃣Finally move into a crab position. And use a pelvis and eye driver to help open the chest and hips!

Usually, there is crawling as well!

Remember, let your feet participate in Vivobarefoot Shoes!

🤗Use code MHEALTH10 for a discount!

Here is movement number three with more time under tension on a single leg using the ViPR Pro

The goal is to allow my foot and ankle to react to the driver of the opposite leg and the hip to move through a relative flexion to the extension to abduction with the pelvic ring being driven by the opposite leg!

The ViPR Pro then further enhances this pattern with load along various lines of pull through the shift which brings in the core as a stabilizer here!

The Vivobarefoot shoe allows traction without limiting motion!!

Enjoy the reach along various angulations each time!

At 5 months post abdominoplasty and almost 5 years post-second set of twins... The Repatterning continues!

My focal points through this whole journey have been my feet and hips! They hold the key to the health of my core and pelvic floor!

Ok... I have a triple dog dare for you!

Try this pattern and then go for a walk! And evaluate how fluid your hips feel! If they don’t feel amazing and engaged, let me know!!

Move from internal and external rotation into a near-end-range hip abduction... Then add a hand and eye driver, and let your hand drive the pelvis!

Guess what is caught in the middle... Your core! 🤗🤗

Your pelvic floor and core will devour this movement!

The Tri Force is a functional tool that requires a quick thought process when transitioning hand positions!

Then you take those fixed hand positions through your chosen range of motion and must balance the uneven load. Each arm has a different weight. .

Enjoy this kneeling lunge matrix with hand reach.

The goal is to input various lines of force through my abdominal wall and take the feet out for a more direct load to the pelvic floor!

Combining two patterns here adds a bit of brain power and really increases the neural input to two big rocks... The pelvic floor and thoracic spine! Without proper integration of both, you cannot really “use” your core properly in life movements.

The first part of the pattern is an isotonic hold against the resistance of the Pelvicore Pro either into an internal rotation or external rotation while shifting the ViPR Pro along various angulations.

The second component is an integration of the two patterns with the Pelvicore Pro being actively engaged in internal and external rotation.

The Tri-Force is a fantastic tool to add to this impact preparation exercise with the Pelvicore Pro. The variable, fixed hand positions in a gravity-loaded position further enhance the pelvic driver along throughout the core.

The impact prep exercise is preparing my pelvic floor and core for the ballistic movement of running so that when I do go and run, I can do so with confidence and use my whole body!!

Essential Tools

I am not sponsored by any of the tools in this blog! I simply believe strongly in their efficacy and utility! Invest in yourself and amazing things come!

Vivobarefoot (use code MHEALTH10 for a 10% off discount)


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