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Week 14 Post Abdominoplasty: Crossing into a new threshold

Oh, how exciting to be 3.5 months post abdominoplasty! If you asked me how my life is different than it was 3.5 months ago, I would have a lot to say! It is different, but it is the same!

The biggest difference is that I am not facing the chronic stress of having that gap in tensioning and fighting the holding patterns that resulted. My movement is much free and I have greater daily endurance for life activities. This is a REALLY good thing because I like all other moms have A LOT to do every day! If I did not have good function life would be MUCH more difficult!!

So, here we go into 3.5 months and I am still reintegrating. My ability to include short movement bits is limited to 1-2 sessions per day. Gone is the luxury of extra help and the freedom to lie down and rest and enjoy a movement session when I choose. All of that structured movement is now replaced with life needs. There is plenty of movement there and it is ALL of it is subconscious!

Which, brings me to my next point that training should mirror needs. My needs are bending down multiple times a day to the ground and back up at all different angles, from different foot positions. Frequently, I am using some sort of a lunge type movement and reaching. I am standing most of the day so endurance is important.

Let’s dig into some of these movements!

The 3 ACT Slide Mini is an excellent tool that hands down gives some of the best functional feedback from the ground up to the pelvic floor and core. Here I am using the slide to load the pelvic floor bottom-up in all three planes of motion and my arms top-down through various ranges of motion. It looks simple, but the complexity of the pattern comes from the benefits realized in the connective tissue from the forces!

Here is a pattern where all you need is you and some open space. I use the ground to standing patterns to work on mobility, coordination, and hydration. This particular drill incorporates a developmental pattern of the core with a roll. Rolling helps to establish stability and coordination through the core and pelvic floor.

Another amazing tool that cannot be left behind when it comes to improving resilience through the core and pelvic floor is the Vipr Pro. You can transfer force along all different lines of pull creating a safe load to the core. I have just started incorporating shifting patterns and love the feeling. Here I am using both the shift off-center along with the variable squat position to both loads the pelvic floor and core.

The reactive variability of the Core-Tex platform helps me find greater stability through my hips. In other words, if I compensate into loading the right side more, the platform shifts to the left which helps me find and hold my center! There is so much benefit to this pattern and it is really fun!!

The TriForce is another unique tool that allows me to load my connective tissue along different lines of force. There are many options that challenge both hand position and stability. Here I am stepping into a position, holding that position, and breathing into it. The goal is to challenge my endurance within that position and use my breath.

Ahhh... My favorite!! Hanging! Who does not love to hang! Now I am able to add in a little bit of a swing, which challenges my core further.

Always continue to challenge and strive for more. Enjoy the building process!!


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