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Training Beyond the Gym!

Training beyond the gym with me means performing movements that translate into improved function outside of the gym! Of course, we want to look great too, so finding movements that both improve function and create a metabolic demand is a double win!

Here I use some of my favorite functional tools that have helped me recover my function after two twin pregnancies! Having them accessible in my garage, aka my “home gym” is an added bonus! You can find these products here:

ViPR Pro Pelvicore Pro TriForce Fit CoreTex

None of the above are affiliate links. I am promoting them because I believe in their product and want you to experience the benefits too!


💃The concept of decoupling the hips by the Institute of Motion has made a powerful impact on my days! That is, giving your SI joint just a bit more motion allows you to generate and dissipate force better. It also functionally feeds the pelvic floor!

👆Adding a ground to standing component with the ViPR Pro makes it very life-applicable!

🤗I perform some range of this pattern multiple times per day. Having mobility and strength through your hips allows you to move better all day long!!

❤️Perform 5-8 reps per side with your ViPR Pro


🐰Adding a hop to balance with the TriForce Fit is a fun way to train the foot and ankle to accept the load! If you don’t have a TriForce Fit yet, try just performing the hop to a balance in multiple planes of motion other than just front to back.

❤️Remember to progress up to this pattern or bump up the intensity by adding more verticality or speed!

🤗Enjoy 5-8 hops per plane, of motion!


🏃🏼‍♀️ I could not wait to get back to running after my c-section with the boys 8 years ago! At the time I had no knowledge of the return to impact developmental progressions developed by Pelvicore Pro.

📐This pattern covers many angles when it comes to reintegrating impact in the postpartum period.

😊Here I also added a multiplanar squat with the Pelvicore Pro to further load the pelvic floor.

❤️Enjoy 8-12 groups of squat plus impact prep hops per plane of motion!


👆Going from criss-cross applesauce to standing is a multiple time per day event. Adding a ViPR Pro halo to a lateral lunge to a shift is a brings in the tspine and hips!

Training ground to standing patterns have many benefits:

✅mobilize joints and fluids

✅prepare the tissues to accept the load

✅prepare the neuromuscular system with coordination patterns

🤗Yes, thank you I will take it all! These are patterns I use all the time with clients and myself!!

❤️Enjoy 5-8 reps per side


🤔Should I rotate with a diastasis or should I avoid rotation?

🤗The answer is... It depends on the individual and their reaction!

✅Where is the rotation coming from?

✅Can you manage the pressure?

✅Are you getting any doming during the Exercise?

✅How do you feel after the exercise?

😊Personally, rotation is a win and always has been for my hips and thoracic spine! If done in the right environment, like on the Core-Tex.

👌Using the ViPR Pro as a subtle load here to help balance the rotation.

❤️The tilt of the platform and rotation is an awesome low impact load to the pelvic floor and core!

I hope you enjoyed this 5️⃣ exercise circuit!

❤️Enjoy 30-60 seconds on your Core-Tex!

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