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Tuna noodle salad with TONS of veggies (gluten free)

All four kids have been raised on a Paleo type diet. My reasons for following this lifestyle are centered in the dramatic health benefits. I choose to avoid grains and all dairy because I feel best. Cameron has a mild case of eczema which shows up on his thighs and upper arms. It is not visible except to touch and does not itch him. But, I have learned through my studies that there is a distinct connection between the gut and skin conditions. (The gut and skin connection, Overcoming medical dogma, Eczema, Paleo and eczema) These are easily digestible, trusted and cited sources of information please follow their citations for more evidenced based research supported data.

Cameron has been tested for leaky gut and food allergies through our naturopath. He only displayed a mild allergy to both eggs and soy and currently has no leaky gut. So, for Cameron it is especially important that we include glycine rich foods like bone broth and gelatin. I also include a regular supply of organ meat. Organ meat is one of the most dense source of nutrients of any meat or fish. Probiotics are also an important part of balancing the gut flora; we make our own kombucha, sauerkraut, fermented carrots and beets and he enjoys lots of raw fermented yogurt.

One of the benefits of having one child with these extra nutritional musts is that it is important and healthy for all of us to eat these foods on a regular basis. Remember, we don’t have to “see” evidence of ill health to take steps to improve our health.

Onto the recipe….this served the boys and girls for lunch for two days. I added the noodles to serve as a vehicle to deliver the bone broth and as a source for additional carbohydrates for four energetic little kiddos.

I started with some fresh organic garden veggies. The onion, garlic and carrot came from the grocery store.

Chop them up into bite-size pieces.

Cut some sage, oregano, and thyme from the porch garden.

Chop the herbs and lightly steam the veggies in bone broth. Save the leftover broth from the veggies when you remove them from the pan.

Lightly boil your bone broth and cook 2 cups of dry rice noodles in the hot broth until just tender. Toss them with half of the chopped herbs.

Use two cans of Wild Planet Sardines and one can of albacore tuna from Costco. (You can also get the sardines at Costco.) Fork the sardines and tuna together and add the other half of the herbs and reserved bone broth from the veggies.

Add your cooked veggies to the fish and mix together. Here I also added a splash of apple cider vinegar. Just because I like how it tastes.

Finally, combine the noodles with the veggies and fish. I served this dish cold for the boys’ lunch at school.

The girls enjoyed it warm at home alongside steamed broccoli with lots of organic butter and fermented beets.

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