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Why is my body not changing?

What is more frustrating than, “do all the things” when it comes to weight loss but not seeing ANY results!!

This is a very common complaint among women who are working really hard to change their body composition, but their bodies just will not cooperate!

I understand this completely!!

Personally, I have been there and understand the emotions and frustrations!!

Over the course of 6 months, I gained 10 pounds. I could not believe it when summer rolled around and I went to slip on a pair of shorts that I easily wore the summer before and they were WAY too tight. I had easily hidden my gains in winter clothes, but come the summer season, I could not hide it.

But, there was a reason! There is ALWAYS a reason! You just have to uncover it.

My reason was H. Pylori (a bacterial infection in the lining of the stomach) and a major bacterial dysbiosis (imbalance in good and bad bacteria) in my gut. This was causing poor absorption of food and a major internal stressor which caused my body to accumulate body fat very quickly.

Here are some other key reasons why the weight won’t budge:

  • Sluggish thyroid: This is THE most common reason for weight loss resistance. Unfortunately, a lot of conventional docs are not doing the proper testing or they look at test results from only allopathic ranges, which does NOT help (you need functional ranges). If you DO have a thyroid problem the investigation turns to WHY. Here are some of the tests I use in my Resilient Mama Method.

    • Do you have elevated Calcium and low potassium? (I assess this using HTMA, or Hair Testing Mineral Analysis)

    • Do you have a gut dysbiosis or gut infections? (This I assess using the GI MAP)

    • Is excess stress putting pressure on your adrenals? (This I assess for using the DUTCH test )

  • Insulin Resistance: If you have insulin resistance, you do not have a chance of losing weight. If this is you, think about metabolic health and inflammation. Inflammation fans the flames of insulin resistance and vice versa. If you struggle with blood sugar stability and find yourself needing to eat a little something sweet after meals, or you get very tired after eating, you likely have insulin resistance.

  • Akkermansia: Akkermansia is a keystone strain of bacteria in your gut that aids in metabolic health and weight loss. This bacteria is inversely associated with body fat mass. That means… if your Akkermansia is low, you will likely have a more difficult time losing body fat. I test for Akkermansia using the GI MAP, a test that all clients get in the Resilient Mama Method.

  • Stress: If yours is high, you will likely see this around your waist. Stress also puts a huge amount of pressure on your adrenals, which in turn reduces thyroid function leading to weight gain. Stress creates all kinds of hormonal responses that cause weight gain and insulin resistance. Cortisol also slows metabolism. The DUTCH test, a staple test in the Resilient Mama Method, measures the health of your stress response.

There are many more things that can contribute to weight loss resistance such as mold and hormonal imbalances.

The key takeaway here is that uncovering the root cause of your excess weight is the strategy that WILL lead to lifelong successful weight management. EVEN better, it will empower YOU to have the knowledge to self-guide your journey for the rest of your life!

If you are ready to uncover the real reason for your excess weight, join me with the Resilient Mama Method by emailing me here.



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