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Essential Mom Movement Mobility Series

As moms, we move through many positions in our life movements. We move in and out of certain postures and must be able to move freely between positions. Our movement becomes impaired when we are unable to move and exchange fluids which nourishment and hydration of body tissues.

We respond to incoming stimuli subconsciously so we must have the resources available to do so. Children (especially little children) are a constant source of incoming stimuli and produce many quick and subconscious reactions. Training to improve stability and efficiency will allow for our bodies to adjust based upon the incoming variables at that time.

That is the purpose of the Essential Mom Movement Series Exercises! The goal is to increase available resources and make you ready for action!!

Essential Mom Mobility Series Exercise 1

👣 Changing your foot position to a wide stance will immediately wake up the pelvic floor.

🏋️‍♀️ Adding a loaded rotational shift with the ViPR Pro puts a stress through the core that also loads the pelvic floor. Win!!!

💨Breath is key to managing pressure through the core and pelvic floor. Exhale through the hard part of the contraction.

👟 Everything works together! Vivobarefoot swim run shoes allow me to react and respond to all of the changing pressures especially from the lunge variation.

🌟Enjoy more self care strategies for prenatal care and beyond on Institute of Motion Platform App!

🌡Increase the intensity with the lunge variation of this exercise

Essential Mom Mobility Series Exercise 2

The rhythm and timing of decelerating the mass and momentum of the ViPR PRO while traveling forward in a gait pattern is a GREAT way to help your body “remember” the motion gained in exercise 1 from yesterday! Can you find the two variations in the first exercise? Each creates a unique reaction between my thoracic spine and pelvis.

This exercise has a whole-body benefits!! Just what active moms need!!

👣My Vivobarefoot shoes allow my feet to react and respond to the lateral motion of the swinging ViPR! Perfect for ankle stability!

Essential Mom Mobility Series Exercise 3

🙋🏻‍♀️Moms spend much of the day either in a hip flexed position or bent forward reaching down.

🙆🏻‍♀️It’s time to open up those hips and safely load the core (a) and posterior chain (b) in one pattern!

🤷🏻‍♀️Do you have a new pain in your knee or low back that you did not have before pregnancy? Often times it’s rooted in the hips!

💃Hip mobility feeds core stability. You need it to reintegrate the core and pelvic floor.

Take these patterns up a notch by loading them with a small medicine ball, sandbell, or dumbbell!

Essential Mom Mobility Series Exercise 4

🧠 Challenging your brain with a shifting pattern with ViPR Pro is a great way to relieve stress and train your core at the same time.

🔀Shifting patterns are a great way to put variable lines of stress through the core via the arm lines which a great way to reintegrate the core!

🔴Can you find the difference between these two patterns?!

Essential Mom Mobility Series Exercise 5

💁🏻‍♀️Crawling around on the floor is a mother’s specialty. Getting up quick from the floor to catch the fast moving toddler who is about to grab something they shouldn’t is a skill!

❤️Let’s combine both with a pattern that serves other needs ankle, hip and thoracic spine mobility.

👣 My @vivobarefoot shoes allow for proper motion to occur at the foot and ankle so my knees and hips will not be restricted.

💃The pelvic floor benefits from stretching the hips both front to back and side to side…they need both for your pelvis to move!!

🙆🏻‍♀️Reaching the ViPR Pro at overhead (a) helps get that important extension for the thoracic spine with the load aiding in tensioning the abdominal wall and fully lengthening the hips. The shift works on a anti rotation through the core, safely loading the abdominal wall!!

Essential Mom Mobility Series Exercise 6

🚶‍♀️Training the pelvic floor in upright function is authentic to our many life movements. .

🏃🏼‍♀️ Motherhood movements are many times a series of lunges and reaches which means we need great hip mobility and stability. .

🥇 Combine the life demands with the authenticity of this pattern the train the pelvic floor and you have a winner!!

As a mom who has had two sets of twins, I have found the shifting patterns to have a powerful benefit to recovering diastasis!!

⚔️Here you can see how the ViPR Pro loads two different lines through my thoracic spine laterally and diagonally!

👣My @vivobarefoot shoes complete the effect from the ground up!! .

🤗Don’t stop at kegels!! We are always training to continue to optimize function!! You deserve it!

Essential Mom Mobility Series Exercise 7

The last exercise in this circuit places the most demand on the pelvic floor and abdominal wall. .

In order to increase tolerance to load you must progressively increase the demand.

If you currently have prolapse or a significant nonfunctional diastasis this is not a starting point.

Here are two levels of a movement with ViPR Pro where I am resisting flexibility (one of the jobs of the core) and harnessing the momentum of the ViPR Pro as I move through a rotational pattern. .

Enjoy this circuit!! .


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