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Family Update

Right now I am on my back deck enjoying an amazing late spring evening. I am trying to soak in every second of the next couple weeks before kindergarten starts. The boys graduated from preschool two weeks ago and start kindergarten in July. I am filled with excitement for them. So, for the next couple of weeks, we are doing a lot of “hanging out”.

Two weeks ago we brought the kids to the beach. It was the girls’ first time at the ocean. They had a great time.

We stayed at my inlaws’ beautiful beach house which allowed us to cook all of our meals. This saved lots of money as eating out with a family of six is very expensive. More importantly, it helped protect our family from the harms of restaurant foods. That way we could feel great on vacation and when we came home.

Every morning my buddy Cameron and I enjoyed an amazing ViPR workout on the beach.

What an excellent proprioceptive challenge to both the core and pelvic floor from training on the wet and moving sand. I get tremendous joy sharing my passion for movement and training with my kids.

I know they don’t quite know how powerful it is yet. But, I feel they know the importance of movement and how it goes along with nourishment through food. This year they were excited to learn that they inspired several friends to change their food choices. I too was thrilled to know that our family’s commitment to commuting by foot or bicycle as much as possible had inspired others to do the same. What an amazing gift to know that other’s will be improving their lives because of something they learned from us! LOVE IT!!

As a kindergarten grows closer… our adventures will continue. Our mileage chart is growing as these amazing little kiddos continue to surprise me with their endurance and curiosity for the world around them.

Whether it’s finding great adventures, hiking at local parks, or gardening in the backyard.

I know that all of the hard work and long days are worth it. Please share your family’s inspiring health ventures. I love to learn from others!!

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