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Happy Birthday Cameron and William: Number 9

Nine years ago on this day at this very moment, I was finishing the last workout as a mom-to-be. I then forgot the rule about no liquid after midnight in preparation for my scheduled c-section and drank 64 ounces of water. It was an unusually cold morning and I was so excited! I wrapped my enormous body in my favorite coat and Kevin and I headed out to meet the boys!

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Kevin knew better than to drop me off at the hospital entrance and we both walked the long walk in from the parking deck. I was determined to finish this pregnancy strong! We arrived in the hospital and I got settled as we waited for my doctor. When he came in I announced how I really had to go potty and he asked if I had drank anything that morning. OOopps…then I remembered! The C-section was scheduled for 8 am and now got bumped back to 10 am. Not one to lay around, laying in bed for two hours was not awesome!

The boys were transverse, twin A was to be named Cameron and twin B would be named William. I will never forget the moment I saw their sweet little faces. I was instantly in love!

Fast forward through the infant years which were difficult for me! They had a very inexperienced mom who tried her best but fell short in many areas.

Once I started to get the hang of motherhood we did everything together during those early years whether it was the park, cooking, shopping or playing. They were with me and I loved talking to them and hearing them talk.

William is spunky and full of boisterous energy while Cameron is intuitive always motoring around and interested in creating something.

William loves all things team sports and Cameron wants nothing to do with it! Cameron will bring his art supplies to the ball field and have no issue coloring the whole game with his chair turned away from the field while still supporting William by peaking over his shoulder and cracking on him in some way. Their dynamic is hilarious! So different but so similar.

These boys make me so proud everyday! I have so many stories to tell about their uniquely creative and amazing spirits.

Let’s start with a funny story about our preparation for the mountains. Cameron is the most organized human I have ever met in my entire life. He has toys, games and momentos from many years earlier neatly stashed away in his room. William is incredibly good at math and writing but has zero interest in organizing anything. In preparation for our trip, the boys were to pack their own bags. Cameron had no problem, but William had all kinds of random things thrown into a backpack with little logic behind his choices. It was classic William. Cameron made him a list of what he needed on a blue index card (because William loves the color blue). William took Cameron’s list and reorganized his bag! It was so awesome!

These not so little guys anymore will forever have my heart! Their huge personalities and curiosity for the world around them are inspiring to me!

Their love for their sisters is amazing to watch. One minute they can all be fighting and the next minute they are creating a game together!

If you can’t tell yet, I am incredibly proud of Cameron and all that he has worked through. He is truly his own person and has little regard for convention. Cameron carves his own path and will do great things. I have never seen a kid handle a mountain bike and navigate a rocky downhill trail with such ease. He can organize our house better than I could even see to begin. I can’t wait to see what he will choose to do with his life one day!

Oh how I love William and his enormous personality! I am so proud of his mastery of math. He is curious, incredibly smart and passionate. I love watching him care for his sisters, giving them goodnight kisses every night. His heart is huge! William does not let anything come in the way of his daily sports! You will always see William with a ball in his hand, running and tackling something or someone. I cannot wait to see where this little guy goes with his life! Big things!

Oh how I could go on! My heart is literally bursting right now writing this post! These boys make me want to be a better person every day! I hope they know forever how much I love them!


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