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Building Kids Health With Food

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Framing our nutrition around foods that build health puts us on a fast track to lifelong health. You can absolutely start this journey at any age! It is never too late. But we should all 100% strive to communicate this to the kids.

Sourcing Food

So, what is the answer to this issue? I know there is not ONE simple solution, but each of us can do our part within our own family by sourcing food and preparing it together

Talking about WHY we are choosing certain foods often, certain foods rarely, and saying no thank you to others. It can be once a week and it does not have to be a complicated trip. Here are the kids visiting the fish market sourcing their dinner!

Sourcing food also can mean ordering food online and opening the box together!! We love Thrive Market!

Of course, visiting the farmer’s market is another option! Here we look at all of the different colors, fruits, and vegetables and talk to the farmers. I always hype it up and make it a really big deal!

Never underestimate the power of participation! Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt in Costco. The girls each get their own “list” and help me shop for ingredients!

Planting a garden is another high-impact activity! There is power in knowing that they grew their dinner! It does not always transfer into them actually eating the vegetables at the dinner table. It is also a great lesson to realize that food does not just come from a grocery store, it actually takes effort and care to grow that food! We hold food as a priority and a resource that is not to be wasted. I find the garden is a great example of this concept!

Of course, preparing all of that food is the key. Assembling the ingredients together to make... Something is a MUST! Cooking together gives them power in the process and again demonstrates the effort that goes into food preparation.

All of these components go together to build a real food culture!

So whether it is making chocolate pancakes, sauerkraut, peeling carrots for carrot pickles, enjoying some fantastic chocolate, washing mushrooms, or baking cookies together

I hope this post inspires some ideas for your crew!!


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