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Immune boosting lunch menu

The boys went back to school today with a miraculous recovery! Now, I don’t know if was the garlic marinade on the chicken, the echinacea and mullein tinctures, the extra fermented vegetables I fed them yesterday, or the allure of kindergarten fun. I can’t say for sure, but it was pretty impressive. The girls still have runny noses so I continued my supportive nutrition with the above measures. But, instead of sauerkraut, I added fermented carrots to their lunch plates.

I started the ferment 6 days ago and it is just about ready. It is a SUPER simple way to get started with ferments if you are nervous about it. For the above ferment:

Peel 9 medium carrots, and slice them into sticks or coins (for variety). Pack them into clean mason jars. I added one head of garlic, divided between the three jars. Peel the cloves and leave them whole. Add the garlic to the jars along with one tablespoon of real salt per jar. Add enough water to cover the carrots and seal the top with a cabbage leaf. Screw on a clean lid and shake well to distribute the brine. Burp the jars once a day. In 4-6 days you have fermented carrots! Or, wild fermented probiotic powerhouses!!

This is Annabelle’s plate. I served her a broccoli bacon salad (recipe coming this week), sliced bosc pear, leftover oatmeal cooked in bone broth with fresh sage and basil topped with, butter, a slice of my seed bread with grass-fed butter, and a fermented carrot.

The broccoli bacon salad had super-powered brine-based dressing and was packed full of veggies. The bone broth is immune-boosting its dense micronutrient and mineral profile. Now think about all of this goodness going into those two little bodies! Feeding their cells! Most of this was leftovers amended to suit the need. The bread was batch-cooked and frozen.


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