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Just some thoughts!

I have been a trainer for eighteen years. I have been a mother for six and a half years. Over my eighteen years as a trainer my perspectives on health and exercise have changed a lot. I have trained many clients from different backgrounds with goals that range from weight loss to relearning to walk after a stroke. There is no simple goal and each road to reach that goal requires individual planning and tweaking. Being a trainer, I believe, is a privilege and demands attention to constant learning. I am always striving to improve my skill set because I believe that my current and future clients deserve that.

Being a mother of twins, well, two sets of twins demands the same attention. There is nothing static or certain about being a parent. There is no one size fits all approach to parenting and it is not an easy job. But, what a privilege. Although I have twins, they could not be more different. Each little peanut has their own personality and needs. I am constantly seeking ways to improve my approach to situations. I want to raise problem solvers, little thinkers, not robots. I want them to be able to look at difficult situations and not be afraid to try.

For myself, as a mother, I want to be a role model. I want to live my life the way in a way that the kids would be proud to say, that’s my mom. I’m pretty sure every mom wants that. I want to show the kids the importance of treating others with respect because that shows respect for themselves. Most of all I want them to appreciate the value and importance of making healthy choices. I heard, from another parent, yesterday that her daughter was teased at school for bringing stir-fry because it looked different. Her daughter is in third grade and really working on improving her nutrition. She is afraid to bring real food to school because she is teased by the other kids. Isn’t that sad. I saw a quote on Facebook yesterday where someone said there is no point to eating healthy food and exercising because we all have to die anyway someday. Another…bummer! I know that is not a majority thinking, but man what a perspective! That really makes no sense at all.

So, onto my main point with this blog…I promise, there is one. I feel that there are so many essential reasons to persist in your mission to consistently feed your kids real food. But, I thought about this the other day…Consider how many adults are seeking health in one way or another. They may be on a constant attempt to lose weight, dealing with hormonal imbalance, mood disturbance, skin conditions, metabolic disease, fatigue or general displeasure with life. What if that could be prevented? What if you could help prevent it in your kids? What if you, as a mother could help reverse it in yourself? Wouldn’t that be awesome?? Well, you can! There is amazing power in proper nutrition and movement! It is worth ever single effort to make it happen every day.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to training, motherhood or nutrition. There are fundamental principles that, when applied consistently, absolutely do not fail. Keep having the courage to step outside the box. Don’t be afraid to go against the norm. Trust the process because it will not let you down.

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