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Lunchbox Time!!

We all know that food affects mood, behavior and focus. Have you ever had an upset stomach and tried to focus on a task at work or interact with coworkers? Have you ever felt the brain fog or lack of concentration attached to low blood sugar?

Kids are no different! What they are eating for snacks and lunch at school directly impacts how they feel during the day. These lunchboxes are just ideas! Think about building a lunchbox with some plants, fruit, healthy starch, healthy fat, and protein.

Although they are convenient chips, snack packs, pretzels, and fruit-flavored high sugar, dairy product cause blood sugar roller coasters. If you have kiddos who are picky eaters and fear they won’t eat their lunches if you pack simple ingredients.

  • If they like yogurt squeeze tubes, swap it for plain Greek yogurt and add banana, some raisins, berries, or a drizzle of honey.

  • Make your own granola with rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit

  • Bake your own muffins and avoid seed oils, refined sugar, and grains (I have a TON of recipes)

  • Pack a thermos with a hot meal like pasta or meatballs.

However, you build it, try to involve the kids so they can be a part of the process!!

👬For the boys:


🐔 Aidells chicken apple sausage

🍠 White and orange sweet potatoes from Tart Farms


🍌 Green plantains fried in coconut oil

❤️Green olives

🍓 Oat Flour Thumbprint Cookie with Berry Chia Jam

🥝 Kiwi, honeydew and apple

🍫 Escazu Chocolates dark chocolate bar with pumpkin seeds


🍒 Frozen thawed cherries

😃 Mini Kind bar

👭For my two four year olds:

Preschool SNACK:

🍎 kiwi, honeydew and apple

🍓 Oat Flour Thumbprint Cookie with Berry Chia Jam

All packed up in Lunch Bots


🗓 This week is all about leftovers! I always prepare a double batch of meatballs and freeze half to pull out for lunches on weeks when prep time is limited!! It’s a HUGE time saver!

👬Fabulous Friday lunch for the boys:

🦃Ground turkey meatballs with chopped apple, zucchini and spinach

🍠Orange sweet potato from Tart Farms with olive oil and dulse flakes.


🎃 Grain free pumpkin muffin with carrot sticks

❤️Green olives

🎄 Grain free Thumbprint Cookies from Celebrations by Danielle Walker

with my chia berry jam


🎃Beet root brownie

🥝 Kiwi



🍒Frozen cherries

😃Mini Kind bar


🍄It’s marvelous Monday and time for a delicious new recipe and lunchbox!

🥚 Quiches are a simple way to sneak in high quality protein and vegetables!


👬For the 2nd graders:


🍄 Leek and Ham Quiche with Portabella Mushrooms

🍠 Orange sweet potato from Tart Farms with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt


🍌 Green bananas fried in coconut oil

🥝 Kiwi

🍏 Golden apple

❤️Beet root brownie.


🍓 Organic thawed strawberries

🌻 Chickpea Tahini Bars

😊Blueberry vegan seed bars



Happy Thursday All! It’s time for something new today! Sneaky chocolate pudding


👬For number 1 and 2:


🍠Sneaky chocolate pudding with cacao nibs and Great Lakes Gelatin

🥚 Hard boiled egg, olives and carrot sticks

🍅 Cherry tomatoes

🐿 Macadamia nuts

😊Apple Banana Muffins with Teff and Buckwheat



🍎 Sliced apple

🌊 Sea Snax

👭For the girls:

🍠 Sneaky chocolate pudding with cacao nibs and Great Lakes Gelatin.


💥 Marvelous Monday!! My two little monsters are fueled up for a fantastic day! .


🐔 Chicken salad with avocado oil mayo and apples, bacon and celery

🍠 Sweet potato from Tart Farms with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt


⚔️Grain free @sietefoods tortilla chips

🥕 🍅 Fermented Carrots or tomatoes

🥦 Cauliflower (aka snow broccoli) with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt

🎃 Pumpkin cornbread (recipe from Nourishing Meals)



🥤 Smoothie: yogurt, blueberries, banana, Great Lakes Gelatin , beet greens and carrot tops

❤️Chickpea Tahini Bars


😃Yesterday William packed his lunch for today with great pride! ➡️

👬For the two wild men!


🥚 Deviled eggs with turmeric and avocado oil mayo

🍠 Orange sweet potato with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt


🥕 Carrot sticks

🍫 Flourless zucchini bar (recipe in the works)

🐿 Dates stuffed with walnuts

🍅 Tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and black olives


🥤Smoothie: red kale, banana, coconut milk, blueberries, macadamia nuts,, and Great Lakes Gelatin

🥥 Coconut chips from Thrive Market, golden raisins, and cashews


🐖 Ham and mozzarella cheese balls (William’s creation 😃)

❤️Kids need high-quality fuel to power those millions of reactions happening all day long! I want them to feel great every day!

👬 For the 8year olds:


🍒 Oat Flour Cookies with Mixed Berry Jam

🍠Orange sweet potato from Tart Farms with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt


🍝 Grain free pasta from @cybelesfreetoeatwith diced tomatoes and goat cheese

❤️Yellow bell peppers

🥦 Broccoli with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt

😊Peppered Salame from Columbus Craft Meats (no hormones or antibiotics!)



😃Epic Beef Apple Bacon Bar


Swiss chard, pomegranate seeds, banana, lemon, macadamia nuts and water with Great Lakes Gelatin collagen hydrolysate

👬For the ,:


🐓 Pastured smoked chicken sausage with bell pepper and onion from Valley Love Organics

🤗Organic ketchup with sauerkraut juice mixed in!

🎃 Pumpkin pie with collagen with a coconut flour crust (leftover from Thanksgiving)

❤️Green olives

🥕 Carrot sticks OR red bell pepper

💥 Garlic roast 8-year-olds


🐿Nut free Blueberry Vegan Seed Bars (on my blog)

🥝 Sliced kiwi

👭For the 4-year-oldschickpeas


🐟 Wild caught smoked salmon

🥕Carrot, bell pepper, and roast Brussels sprouts

❤️Dried dates and a fig

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