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Rebuilding A Foundation: Week 12 Post Abdominoplasty

Here I am now 12 weeks post abdominoplasty! I still have a long way to go and I am making up my own path as I go! There are NO guides for post abdominoplasty protocols other than wait 6 weeks and then start exercising! That is not exactly my idea of a plan!

It feels like just yesterday I was mapping out my game plan for recovering from my second twin pregnancy. The rebuilding process has been both humbling and energizing! In so many respects I am starting from scratch and must respect the healing process.

This surgery was very much about recovering my function! In order be successful in that goal, the reintegration process is so important! Everything transfers through the core and managing loads is key! Whether it is pulling dishes out of the dishwasher, picking up my growing five year olds, swimming butterfly again pulling out stubborn weeds in the garden…I have to be able to manage those pressures.

The patterns demonstrated along this journey have all been demonstrations of the whole body integration that must occur following abdominal surgery.

Exciting News

I am super excited to get back in the pool this week and pick up a dumbbell!! Let me tell you, swimming feels like I am a brick with arms and legs moving. There is very little perceptible transfer of load through my core. I am swimming about 1800 meters and then walked in the water for 15 minutes. Right now, I am only doing freestyle, breaststroke, side stroke, backstroke, and elementary backstroke. My goal is to incorporate full butterfly after 12 weeks.

Lifting weights feels AHHHMazing!! I have been so eager to lift! I am starting with more of a walkedbackstrokebodybuilding type program and incorporating loaded movement exercises as a warm-up. I LOVE it!!


My nutrition strategy of following a time-restricted eating pattern, that I began a bit before surgery, has worked out fantastic for me! One of the BIGGEST ways that you can protect your gut is to maximize digestion by chewing your food When I have the energy of four borderline tired and hungry kids who have their own agendas... a peaceful evening meal is not a likely event. And that’s ok!! I am not fighting it! So, I eat breakfast at 7:30 AM and dinner by 3:30 pm. It is fabulous and works really well. I talk more about the science behind this in this post.

“Life” Needs

I am back to “full duty” as a mom for sure which is everything from cooking and cleaning to grocery shopping and managing the kids. I am very grateful for my compression garment as I am still not at full strength!! It gives me a sense of support that really helps me get through my 15,000 steps (that’s before my workout) of household duties!


The following patterns all have the goal of integrating my core along with the huge center of motion... the pelvic ring. I am starting to integrate some of my favorite tools into my sessions. I HIGHLY recommend the investment in these tools as they will 100% enhance your lifelong function. I am NOT sponsored by any of these products!

Half-Kneeling Slide Board Hip Mobility

If you consistently focus on the foundation, you will have a solid structure! Here I am working on the 3ACT Mini Slide using a kneeling slide matrix! The slippery surface creates a constant “work zone” where my kneeling hip has to decelerate the foot sliding out and the hamstring of the sliding hip had to bring it back to center! This is a PERFECTLY fantastic exercise to help relieve the congestion around my scar and functionally feed my pelvic floor!! Yes!! I am eager to jump back into the fun, high-demand exercises post abdominoplasty... But I risk damaging the foundation! Patience!! I have the rest of my life to enjoy all kinds of exercise and movement!!

Half-Kneeling Lunge to Spine Mobility A-C

I must earn the right to lift weights! I am still working on improving pelvic motion which will help control intra-abdominal pressure!

☝🏼In this pattern I am using:

🌬 Breath

✋Hand position

💃 Pelvis driver.

All of these motions... there are three👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽for each variable, which builds better resilience through my soft tissue!!

🦋 It’s also going to help me build my butterfly in the pool!

Pelvicore Down Dog Pelvis Driver

Although the anterior abdominal wall has been sewn together for 12 weeks via abdominoplasty... that does not mean it is integrated! That part takes work on my end, both from a movement standpoint and nutrition!

1️⃣st priority should always be proper pelvic motion ➕integrated with the pelvic floor ➕and feet!

Here using the Pelvicore Pro I am using the pelvic driver to integrate the feet with the pelvic floor and core!

Changing hand position and using an eye driver further integrates the scapula and thoracic spine!!

Vipr Pro Tilt to Vertical Shift

🗓 It will take 8-12 months for my core to be able to fully react and contract on its own to an input!

I consider this time frame a key time for me to “teach” my body by “feeding” it the proper inputs.

Here I am using a 4 kg Vipr Pro along with a variable foot position squat using Vivobarefoot shoes to integrate my feet and ankles and performing a vertical shift to a tilt.

Whether you are recovering from pregnancy, including diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence or reintegrating your core after hernia or diastasis repaie surgery…it is so important to offer the right inputs progressively to the tissues!!

Progression to Hanging

🐒 I love to hang!! But, I haven’t been able to do it for 3 months…now I have to build and recoordinate to do it properly!!

It’s really difficult to see in this sequence, but here is what you are looking at:

✅Center traction with triplane eye and pelvis drivers

✅ Center hang for 3 sec (I sped up the video so you could see all)

✅ Traction with slight lateral flexion, pelvis and eye drivers in all 3 planes. .

It does not seem like much…but this girl has goals of a pull up or 10!

If you enjoy these posts and are looking for direction with your healing journey! I am now accepting clients again!! I look forward to connecting with you!

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