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16 weeks: Life with four


Here I am again…the girls are 16 weeks old and I feel like a new woman! Many changes have occurred in the last two months. The girls have transformed! Their personalities are blooming every day. We’ve made it through the afternoon fussy period and we are able to enjoy them much more. They love to play and share their silly expressions. I’ve learned their needs better and understand the meaning behind their cries. i am still nursing every three hours during the day and every for hours at night. With twins, I have found keeping them on a consistent schedule is necessary. Although it is tempting to let them, and us, sleep through the night consistency is even more important. It helps keep milk production stable and keeps the girls on a predictable schedule.


The boys are settling solidly into their roles as big brothers. They have learned how to properly move the girls by lifting under their arms and sliding them. they know how to hold them and support their bodies. The girls even seem to like being used as a mountain for all kinds of cars and construction vehicles to drive on. The boys are not bothered by the noise of two babies crying at once. The girls don’t seem to mind the constant chaos of two very active and noisy four year old boys.


I have successfully navigated our most frequented stores Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Costco and the Farmers Market with two toddlers and two infants. Yesterday we went to Lowes and got soil and flowers. That was quite an adventure! Steering a double stroller and a grocery cart is no problem! But, it was nearly impossible to navigate the busy plant filled uneven nursery aisles with the enormous trailer cart and the stroller. Determined to accomplish the task, I enlisted the help of the boys who proudly pushed their sisers while I handled the trailer. They were great! We were quite a site to be seen. Boy I wish I could get a picture of these adventures. Truth…the compliments and comments of praise from other shoppers make me feel like a rock star! 😊

Life is good!

Next post…my postpartum health adventure!


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