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21 Weeks Pregnant with my second set of twins


Yesterday I was 21 weeks pregnant with my second set of twins. I am feeling lots of movement by both girls. I forgot how amazing that felt. I am enjoying the cool weather and I believe fall is officially here. I am actually drinking hot tea right now and savoring my cozy sweater.  Walks are much more enjoyable in the cool weather when you are pregnant.

I am still swimming three days per week for 60-70 minutes, walking 4-5 days per week for 30-75 minutes, training with my ViPR 3-4 days per week and pelvic floor specific training 3 days per week. I am enjoying the process of adapting patterns week to week as my belly grows and my body shifts its center of mass.

I am eating about the same as last week except I have been gravitating more towards raw dairy products this week. Raw cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt have become daily staples in my diet. I also am enjoying the bounty of early fall with pumpkin, butternut and spaghetti squashes.

Look for another post this week on the importance of prebiotics and probiotics. Also I will post a brief review of the movie, Fed Up.

Until week 22,



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