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29 Weeks: Preparation, planning

I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second set of Paleo twins. The boys are getting excited and seem to be connecting to the idea that their sisters will be here soon. I encourage them to say good morning and good night and call them by name.

I am also trying to do as much as I can with the boys before the girls arrive. We are continuing with our weekly hikes and craft projects. I love to watch them discover things on our hikes. This past week I took them to a local nature park, Hemlock Bluffs, to show them my favorite tree. It is huge, tall and has a unique bark. Cameron looked up at the tree top in wonder and asked if it was tall enough to touch the clouds. How awesome is that. William’s fascination with recycle and garbage trucks continues. I keep telling him that he will be the best recycle man ever! You should see his face light up whenever he sees a dumpster or recycle can. It is so cool!! Isn’t it great to find wonder, feel excitement and express passion for things. Kids are fantastic. 🙂

I have about nine weeks left until the girls arrive. One of


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