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Back to School: Lunchbox Meal Planning

These two little guys are off to second grade! They are ready to crush the year and continue to build their health and their brains!!

My little caterpillars are off to preschool! They are ready to conquer the world, these two!! They will only need snacks this year!

Why is it important to build really awesome lunches?

If you are looking to move from SAD (Standard American Diet) to RAD (Really Awesome Diet)… I just made that up! Then maintaining a consistent message, including what you pack and plan for lunches is massively important.

Your kids will realize the benefits to their health when:

  • They don’t get tired in the afternoon

  • Their tummies don’t hurt after lunch

  • They feel full and energized throughout the day

  • They will have plenty of energy to play outside after a full day of school

You will notice the benefits to your health when:

  • You see and hear your kids expressing all of the above positive effects

  • The home environment is pleasant because their blood sugar is stable and their tummies feel well

  • They don’t get sick as easily

  • They sleep better at night

This is my whole mission with Moms4Health!! When our kids are healthy, they are happy which makes our job as moms SOOOOOO much easier!!

Let’s look at the first two weeks!!


Days 1 and 2


Homemade spelt roll with:

🥑 Primal Kitchen Garlic avocado oil mayo

🐖 Applegate naturals maple ham

🧀 Miller’s organic farm raw, sharp cheddar cheese

🐜 Ants on a log

🥕 Carrots, Eat Nutzzo 7 nut and seed butter with raisins.

🍓 Beet and berry fruit leather, recipe adapted from Wellness Mama

❤️Grain free spinach cookie without the chocolate chips

🍅 Mixed cherry tomatoes from Walker Farms


🍒 Frozen thawed organic tart cherries from Costco

❤️Pistachios from Costco

Days 3 and 4


🌟Almond flour, organic chicken nuggets, cooked in coconut oil: cube the chicken breast, dip it in egg wash (eggs plus yogurt) then dip it in almond flour seasoned with real salt and lemon zest, fry in a pan with coconut oil

🌟Organic purple grapes and carrots

🌟Peas or broccoli

🌟Green olives from Trader Joe’s

🌟Homemade honey mustard: mustard, 100% avocado oil mayo from Costco, and raw honey from Tart Farms and Produce


🌟Thawed organic strawberries from Costco

🌟Pistachios from Costco

Day 5


✅ Oven-roasted turkey from Applegate Farms

🧀Raw Gouda cheese from Miller’s Organic Farm

✅Steamed broccoli with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt

✅Dairy free refrigerator fudge (recipe listed below)

✅Mixed cherry tomatoes with olive oil and Redmond’s Real Salt

😊Cheesy cheddar grain-free puffs from Jackson’s Honest found on (grain and vegetable oil-free)


✅Frozen thawed strawberries 🍓 from Costco

✅Cashews or pistachios


1️⃣1 can of coconut cream (I use Trader Joe’s with no added gums and BPA free)

2️⃣1/4 cup cacao powder

3️⃣3 TBSP collagen powder (I like Great Lakes Gelatin)

4️⃣handful of coco nibs

5️⃣1 tsp Redmond’s Real Salt

🌟Blend all except the coco nibs in a Vitamix and pour into a saucepan. Heat until lightly bubbling, then pour into a glass dish. Sprinkle in the Redmond’s Real Salt and coco nibs! Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then slice and remove with a spatula! Store in the fridge for up to a week!


The girls started preschool this week! They were a little bit nervous when they went in. But, then they did not want to leave when the day was done!!

Days 1 and 2

👭For the Preschoolers


🥝 Kiwi

🥥 Coconut flour seed cookie

🌴 Coconut chips (toasted with cinnamon and Redmond’s Real Salt), soaked and toasted pumpkin seeds and raisins.


👬For the 2nd graders:


🥥Coconut flour crust pizza with Trader Joe’s tomato sauce and

🧀Raw Gouda cheese from Miller’s Organic Farm

🐖 Pastured pork liverwurst from Miller’s Organic Farm

🍇 Purple grapes (on a great sale at Whole Foods Market an extra great sale with Amazon Prime)

🌱Almond butter, spinach cookies

🍎 Sliced gala apple



🥜 Cashew crispy bar

Days 3 and 4


🍝 Grain-free red lentil pasta with Paesana organic tomato basil sauce from Costco and added crown prince anchovies

🐖 Pastured pork liverwurst from Miller’s Organic Farm

🌟Black olives


🥥Coconut chips, pumpkin seeds, and raisins


❤️Blueberry Seed Bars


👬2nd graders lunch:


🍠 White sweet potato from Tart Farms and Produce

🧀 Raw mozzarella (a rare find from Miller’s Organic Farm), cherry tomato, bell pepper, and olives on toothpicks

🌟Black pepper Marys Gone Crackers

🌟Steamed green beans

🥝 Kiwi


🌟 Blueberry Seed Bar

👉🏽For the other noncheese eater!

🍠Orange sweet potato with Redmond’s Real Salt

🥪 Spelt sourdough bread sandwich with Applegate'shand-tied, hand tied maple ham and Primal Kitchen garlic avocado oil mayo

🍅 Cherry tomatoes

🍈 Honeydew melon with cinnamon

🌟Black olives


🌟 Almond butter spinach cookies

👭For the preschoolers snack:

🥝 🍈 Kiwi or melon

🌟Refrigerator fudgespreschooler's see the recipe above!

🌟Bell peppers and olives


Thanks so much to my mother-in-law who bought the boys’ lunch bots! We absolutely LOVE them! They don’t hold the smell because they are stainless AND I only have ONE thing to wash when the boys come home from school!!

Batch cooking and planning are key!!

When it comes to cooking and planning for school lunches batch cook the vegetables and use the extras for dinner. I made a double of the chicken nuggets to use in another meal plan. They freeze easily! Involve the kids in the planning! That way they have some “power” over their lunchbox. Just make sure all of their options serve to optimize their nutrition.

I hope you found inspiration for this post! Leave me a message either here or on Facebook and let me know what you think!

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