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Cooking and Ultrasound at the new doctor


August 19, 2014

I started my current pregnancy by going to a new doctor who was closer to home. After a few appointments with him I decided to go back to the same doctor that delivered my sons. Today is my first appointment with the new/old doctor, and he will be doing an ultrasound to find out the gender of my babies. I am 16 weeks and this is an exciting day for me and my family. I started out the morning with a lovely walk to the neighborhood pool, followed by a delightful swim, and then a walk back to my house. It is approximately one mile in each direction. I also swam when I was pregnant with the boys but the intention was different. During the whole pregnancy I struggled with body image. What a shame! The transformation from lean to pregnant was difficult for me. I felt as though my identity had been taken away. In hindsight, this distortion of body image negatively influenced my exercise selection. I really pushed myself, and I did not allow full recovery between sessions. I also didn’t realize the importance of taking into account how my change in shape affected my body’s response to movement patterns. In other words, when your center of mass is altered as with pregnancy, your body demands modification. This pregnancy is so different! Comments about my rapidly expanding body do not affect me like the last pregnancy. I am eager to nourish the extreme demands of a twin pregnancy with nutrient dense food. Most importantly, my training intention is to maintain integrity of connective tissue through proper mobility training, hydration and nutrition. Another goal is to keep my pelvic floor healthy and strong using targeted movements that load the core and all four walls of the pelvic floor. It is more than just kegels! Okay, now back to my day. I arrived home by 6:50AM and drained my bone broth and allowed it to cool. Then I took a shower and got dressed for the day. My breakfast consisted of kombucha jello, raw milk yogurt, raw milk cheese with ground flax and pumpkin seeds. I started the boys on a project of sorting newspapers. Ha, ha, more about that later. I started my vegetable soup with my delicious broth and fresh produce. I washed all of the breakfast dishes. I prepared our dinner for tonight. I made some organic white rice in my broth, fresh steamed beans and baked keta salmon. Next on my agenda was making chocolate chip cookies for our garbage man. One of my sons loves garbage trucks. So, two weeks ago we asked the garbage man for a picture in front of his truck. He kindly obliged so I thought a homemade treat was in order. At first I thought I would make him a Paleo snack: pistachios, a can of sardines and a green apple. But then I thought we really want him to like us, so let’s go for Paleo chocolate chip cookies. While the cookies were baking, I cleaned the bathrooms and washed the baking dishes. Yes, all in fifteen minutes. Finally it was time for lunch. I had my vegetable soup with a cucumber and seaweed salad . The boys had a delicious sandwich (grain free bread) with butter and Applegate Naturals ham, a kiwi, and a slice of raw milk cheddar cheese. As soon as lunch was over with we brushed our teeth and washed up. I had just enough time to vacuum the upstairs before we left for the doctor. I love to vacuum because it is a great way to use your core, thoracic spine and hips. You can try a little vacuum matrix too. I’ll share our findings in the next post. Goodbye for now. Best, Amy


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