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I am NOT a Unicorn!

A great friend offered the suggestion that I should share some of the day to day craziness that makes me want to pull my hair out. I have not done this because I know that I am not alone as a mom with these challenges.  But, now that I think of it, isn’t that too part of health. Mental health, sanity, not going crazy in moments of total chaos…yes, I believe that is all part of health.

Let’s just say that some days I feel like I am inside one of those old school ping pong arcade games. You know, the ones with the flippers, all of the lights, dings and bells?

Being a spider or an octopus…now that would be great. Something with more than two hands. Something that could wash dishes, rescue the fruit basket before it gets pulled down by Madelyn,  hug my overtired Cameron, while turning down the stove so I don’t over cook the veggies for tomorrow’s lunch, finish scooping out some fruit salad for William and wipe up Annabelle’s coconut water before she pulls all of the clean towels out of the drawer to do it herself. Yes! THAT would be fantastic! I wish I had that option about five minutes ago.

Now things like that don’t just happen everyday, they usually happen multiple times a day. How do I approach this chaos, crazy emotional surges, sibling bickering that turns into super energized play? What do I do to avoid turning into a crazy loon? I take super good care of myself by not stressing my system from junking myself up with crummy food. I make sure to eat plenty of magnesium rich foods and Omega 3 fatty acids. I am not some magical unicorn. I certainly don’t have it all together, but I apply what I know everyday with regards to health.

Do you want to know a perfect example of not having it all together? I missed Cameron’s Mother’s Day Tea in Kindergarten. Do you want to know what I was doing? I was cleaning cauliflower! I thought Cameron’s tea was at 10:00 am and William’s tea was at 10:30 am but I was a half hour off. Cameron was not too disappointed. I could have cried my eyes out but he was excited to come into William’s classroom too.

I have many more daily mishaps, but I try to take a lesson from every one of them. In the moment it is upsetting and stressful but I try to take some good and learn from every blip along the way. Sometimes I do the right thing but more often I learn and make a better decision next time.

Most of the time this is how I feel about my kids…

Little bundles of energy so full of emotions and life that sometimes they explode leaving a wake of chaos behind them. Before you can blink all of it changes and they are melting your heart and reaching for a hug.


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