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Making it work for you!

Don’t let perfect get in the way of better! 

This is a quote that I have seen used by many. I really like it because it can apply to so many situations. I think it is most fitting when it comes to motherhood. Especially when you are trying to make a lifestyle adjustment for yourself or your family.

All of you amazing moms out there know that there are days when it seems like you are invincible! You know the feeling, the moment all of the laundry is folded and put away, the bathrooms are clean and the house has some semblance of order. Bliss, pure bliss! Those are moments to savor, rock star moments! Now, looking at those days, you probably can match them up with great energy, good stress tolerance and good function (i.e. nothing hurts). I am going somewhere with this…hang on.

Now there are also days when your kid or kids are running in all directions. The list of to dos is super long and you feel like an elephant is sitting on your shoulders. Top this off with the needs of the kids, there little voices repeating your name over and over despite the fact that you are right next to them, an audible answer must be received. Whether it be intervention with a disagreement, tears over a lost toy or my favorite…the need for something else to eat. Those are days that you really need that great energy, amazing stress tolerance and excellent function.

Motherhood demands great function and proper nourishment! Now this, to many seems overwhelming. But, I will say this…it does not have to be. Focus on the big rocks first and then once you feel solid with those habits, add in something new.


Nutrition…start by doing better and don’t worry about it being perfect. If you have little kids, begin consistently implementing some real food strategies for breakfast. Remember what is good for you is also good for them. They will thrive on real food just like you will.

Lunch for breakfast!

If you are in the habit of eating cereal, toast or a bagel every morning; try making a total shift away from breakfast food and celebrate lunch for breakfast for a week. Take a whole week and game plan together. Bake a loaf of my seed bread on Sunday and make sandwiches for breakfast. Try a chicken salad, tuna or salmon salad. Get some high quality turkey or ham, add raw cheese and a avocado oil mayo. Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches work great too!


Fitness, exercise, movement strategies…they are all my passion! I have always loved to workout and thrive in tasks that are physically demanding. That is my nature! Good thing, because every day with four kids is physically demanding!  Your kids are great role models for staple movements that we need to move well and function well. They squat, lunge, rotate, get up and down off the floor, jump and run all the time. Again, the same with nutrition…all of these movements are good for you too!

Movement strategies!

Now, if you are not as passionate about exercise and movement as me…that’s totally fine! Think about it this way, you don’t have to love exercise, you may simply have the desire to function well. There is no greater feeling than feeling good! Start small, take the regular task of delivering the kids to school. Walk them if you can. If you can’t walk them the whole way, park a small distance from the school and walk them part way. Take an evening family walk, add movement breaks into your work day. Think about ways to make your daily tasks less sedentary and more physically demanding.

When I moved into a larger two story house, I found myself sending the boys on little errands for me. I would ask them to run upstairs and get something when I was perfectly capable of doing it myself. But, it was easier than deviating from my task to climb the stairs and get what I needed. I made that switch and then started to notice other little ways that I could supplement in movement.

Here is a quick little clip of a movement that you can do either with weight or without to free up your hips and put some great motion into your upper back.

I plan to add more of these strategies onto the blog in the upcoming weeks.

My message on this blog is this…start somewhere, don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Start today and remain consistent in your mission to live your best life. If you can’t find the drive for yourself, start with your kids. Focus on their nutrition and fitness. Make it a family effort.

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