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Real Food Choice: The power of knowledge

Consider the power of knowledge and how it can steer your choices. Think about how your lifestyle and behavior choices can determine whether you succumb to chronic illness or stop it before it happens.

Raising children is no easy task, trust me I know. Being a mom is a HUGE job! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it being so awesome! There are days when I could define awesome as, completely overwhelming. And, there are days where awesome means, an amazing gift. One of the ways that I manage to keep it all together (most days is to focus on some of the really big rocks that I know will impact my kids for the rest of their lives.

My big rocks of motherhood include:

  • Nutrition

  • Emotions: talking about their feelings (this was a whole new concept for me)

  • Movement (encouraging lots of it)


After struggling through my own personal health challenges for over 15 years, including HPA axis dysregulation and poor digestion I found my solution in nutrition. I completely reversed the HPA axis dysregulation and poor digestion. I am stronger and more resilient today than I was when I was my most “fit”.

What is the difference? My food.

  • Everything I eat or don’t eat works to serve some purpose whether it is recovery, brain health, connective tissue repair or nutrient sufficiency

  • I pay attention to how I feel which helps me make great choices for what I am eating.

  • I don’t eat know inflammatory foods.

Why do I make these choices?

My nutrition choices are empowered with knowledge so that I have a clear understanding for my choices instead of choosing because, ” I am suppose to,” or “not suppose to.”

Having the knowledge about the power of nutrition makes saying, no thank you to foods that do not support health reflexive. You don’t even have to think about it. Because, if you really understand what those foods are doing to your body, it is a lot easier to make awesome choices.

Applying this knowledge to feeding my children.

Making the optimal food choices for my kids is something that I take seriously. When you make choices based on how the food will impact their bodies, then those choices are easy. When you make choices based on marketing science, social pressure or the worst of all, kid pressure then your choices may not be optimal.

Don’t succumb to the naysayers that suggest you are somehow depriving your child.

Here are some questions to ask the doubters:

  • What physiological purpose does refined sugar serve a human body?

  • Would you consume these “kid friendly” foods? Things like colored cereal, crackers, sugary drinks, candy, bars, cookies and fried foods (like nuggets and fries).

  • How do you feel when you eat refined sugar and lots of grain (bread/pasta/corn)?

The truth is, I don’t know anyone who, answering these questions honestly would give the green light to these foods for kids.

Considering the following statistics:

  • 1/3 of all children have eczema

  • 1 in 68 children have autism, which is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the US

  • In 2011, the CDC reported the prevalence of ADHD had increased by 42% to 11% of US children.

  • Of the 74.5 million US children, 17.1 million children have or have had at least one psychiatric disorder.

Now consider that the typical treatment in the US is pharmaceutical. Although, there are some forward thinking practitioners considering the health of the gut as possible causes of certain disorders. This is one of countless studies presenting strong evidence that there are strong dietary factors pointing to childhood psychiatric disorders.

Kids will, if you let them eat real, nutrient dense food. Their bodies and brains demand it! This post, FIVE Tips for Whole Food Kids offers some strategies to help get you started.

I welcome all feedback and suggestion! Let’s work together and feed our children what they need to thrive, grow strong and resilient brains and form lifelong habits that give them the tools they need to become confident and healthy adults free of chronic disease!


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