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Real Food Kids!! Keep on Trying!

Keep on trying is our message to you!

Honestly, there are days when I don’t think I can do one more dish or stand in the kitchen for one more second. There are many moments of true chaos. Moments where I don’t even want to think about cooking or washing dishes. But those moments are fleeting when I remember the importance of what these little guys are eating. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have gained about nutrition and continue to learn. I am grateful for my access to great ingredients. I don’t think I could do it any other way.

Have you ever been so passionate about something that you literally wanted to share that message with everyone? That is how I feel about nutrition and health. It is so life changing that I believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience great health through dietary change.

I want women to understand the importance of nourishing their bodies with real whole food. I want them to enjoy the awesome feeling of being strong and having great energy all day. It is possible to have great function, eat awesome whole food and feel well every day.

That is my mission as a mom, trainer and blogger. I want to share the message of health through fitness and nutrition.

As moms we are in a unique position to positively influence the whole family’s health through nutrition. Look at it this way…would you feel well with a diet of cereal, squeeze pouches of fruit/veg puree and chicken nuggets? No way! What is good for you is also good for the littles.

There is beauty and great utility in choosing real food for your whole family! When you plan for the kids to eat healthy food, you also will eat healthy food. That is a great convenience.

When you shift your paradigm about food to that of fueling health, it is a lot easier to consistently make great choices. Think about every bite of food being a hormonal experience.

Your kids may not always make perfect choices…I know mine don’t. But, they will always remember their first teacher showing them that real whole food is a priority.


I did not start talking about the importance of “healthy” food to my kids until they were around five years old. And, with the girls I have evolved my approach even more. I try to make it an experience for them, where they can enjoy growing, picking, sourcing and cooking their creations. We celebrate dinner time with our family and enjoy sit down meals wherever possible. I try to teach them about what I am doing in the kitchen and let them join in. That adds value to their plates. They don’t understand the long term health consequences of how they are eating…but I do! And, that puts it on my shoulders. It’s my job to sell it to them. 


I know it can be done! I invite you all to join this mission with me!!


Here was a successful tuna salad!


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