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Today I am thankful for my crazy life. Every single day is an adventure. There are moments when I don’t think I can handle it all and then, I do. Life with two sets of twins is a test of endurance, patience, and mental fortitude. Each one of my kids is unique in their approach to life. They each have their own agendas and I love watching them grow and take in the world. Right now… don’t panic… but Cameron is outside arranging about 12 different extension cords from each string of lights to the plugs. He is carefully pulling them behind the bushes to “make it look nice”. While William is leaping across the yard in his new Power Ranger cape and mask. Hilarious! You cannot recapture these moments!

Last night, Kevin was hunting and I decided I would decorate the house in my 60-minute window of time before the girls got up from their nap. And, well, I did it… well most of it. The most important decoration was missing, the elf! Then, finally, I found him. The boys were running all over the yard, so I had to sneak him in under my shirt. I quickly ran to the dining room and wedged him into the chandelier. The elf was barely hanging on when Cameron ran in and spotted him. He squealed with glee and ran around the house screaming, “he’s here!” How cool is that?

The holidays are great! But I am really trying to focus on every day and soak in every moment. Sometimes it’s difficult because there is so much to do everyday. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or picking up after somebody. It seems that there really is no end to the “to do” list.

My sanity comes from planning, exercise and nourishing my body. Every day I have the meals and workouts planned. There is a general structure to the day that we work within. Without that, I think managing “life” would be really difficult!!

The joy of watching the kids grow is amazing. The boys definitely have their moments when they fight about everything. But there are others when their teamwork is heart warming!!

There are so many funny stories to tell. I am looking forward to sharing more!! Next month, the girls turn two!! I can’t believe it!

Look at them go!! Now that is A LOT to be thankful for!!


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