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The Beach and more

We are headed back from another great beach vacation. My very generous in-laws invited us to the beach again and we had a great time. The days were filled with nutritious food, tons of movement and and sun. I loved watching the girls (now 18 months) move between the dry, deep sand to the dry, wet sand and then into the moving wet sand.

Each time they moved from one environment to the next they would pause, take it in, and move forward! So cool! I loved watching them handle the crashing waves getting up each time they would get knocked down. They are so persistent and happy! Could I love them more… no way!

The boys learned how to boogie board.

Each day they got more brave going out a little further. It was a real joy to see their little bodies learn how to relax and use the water.

Mornings started early… I was up a 5:00 to nurse the girls which does not take long now, only about 20 minutes. I woke up my two little training partners, filled their water bottle, packed up one seed bar for each little and we headed out to the beach with our ViPR.

Each morning the ViPR patterns were different, but all were done in the environment of wet, moving sand. Here are some of my observations from beach training.

Training in the water is a huge challenge and a unique load:

Moving sand sinks the feet deeper with every rep slowing down motion from the bottom up and allowing more motion top-down. This is a really excellent tweak for increasing internal rotation at the hip.

Tilt patterns combined with outdoor flips load the bottom of the ViPR with wet sand before flipping creating another unique load. The wet sand makes the bottom of the ViPR heavy and one end light.

Moving over moving sand creates a unique visual challenge stimulating the senses.

After about 30 minutes of both loaded and unloaded movement training, we headed off for some beach jogging, agility work, or seashell hunting. It was a perfect beginning to our day.

After some movement training, we headed back to the house to get our suits on for the beach and make some breakfast.

I had a game plan for all of the food we brought, so breakfast was a breeze. Every morning we had a little bit of each of the following: pastured pork sausage and liverwurst, sautéed Swiss chard, Jackie’s pancakes, banana buckwheat, millet, and teff muffins, pastured eggs, blueberries, pears, cantaloupe, and peaches.

Once the girls were fed and dressed we headed out to the beach for some serious beach play. The girls lasted about 2 hours in the morning before we headed back to the house for nap time. It was excellent to have help from my mother-in-law! Transporting, washing, and feeding two sandy and tired babies is not an easy task.

Once the girls were asleep, I headed back out to the beach for a solo jog which was truly divine! What a treat to have the ability to move athletically and enjoy movement…kid-freehalf-hour for a half hour!

Next, it was time to prepare lunch for the kiddos. We had oyster nachos with plantain chips:

We also enjoyed left over mahi, leftover pizza, and a seed bread grilled cheese. Traveling is a great way to use up leftovers!

My mother-in-law kept the girls at the house after lunch while Kevin, the boys and I headed back out to the beach.

This allowed us to have some more free time with the boys. We boogie boarded, built sand castles and dug in the sand for shells. Kevin is such a great Dad! Watching him play with the boys was really cool! Love him!

The kids had a blast and were big helpers packing up the supplies to head back to the house.

Dinners were great. We enjoyed some great NC seafood from the fish market, grass finished burgers, amazing smoked pork and Brisket from our cousins, organic chicken and tons of fresh veggies. Eating well while on vacation is not pretty easy to do with planning. There is nothing better than feeling good on vacation!

This time I planned a delicious veggie and organ meat lasagna for dinner when we arrived home. So, I can enjoy a little mountain biking with the kids in the afternoon and not worry about fixing dinners.


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