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Transition: We are leaving our perfect home!

The time has come to move our family of six to a home with a bit more room! I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time. We are in the process of preparing our fabulous home for sale. As you might imagine, it is no small task. Fortunately, our move will keep our local but there are many things that I will greatly miss!

Our wellness home!

The Garden!

  1. Perfect Garden Home: Our backyard is free of trees and uniquely steep. But, my awesome husband built my raised beds out of cedar and stainless steel. We have a bountiful garden every year. I will miss that! It has been a great treat to watch the kids learn to identify different plants and then help me use the ingredients to build a meal.

Bright Side: If our yard is small or shaded, we can grow a hydroponic garden. I don’t know too much about them yet. But, if it is a necessary step, that is what we will do!

The Kitchen!

2. Perfect family kitchen: everything about our kitchen is awesome! From the oversized island to the kombucha cabinet to the walk-in pantry. My kids have helped me whip up some amazing meals here!

Bright Side: This is a TOP priority! Finding a home with a large kitchen is at the top of the list. But, let’s say it absolutely doesn’t happen. It will be an opportunity to learn to be more efficient with space. Kind of like a European adventure?!

We can walk to school!!

3. We can walk to school every day: when I say every day, I really mean, everyday. The boys know that, unless there are lightning bolts coming out of the sky, we are walking to school! It is a great way to set their circadian rhythm with the bright light exposure first thing in the morning! It is also an awesome way to stay out of the carpool line!

Bright side: We will drive to a safe parking spot near the school and then walk. The boys know I will find a way to make it work!


4. Great opportunities for fitness: Our neighborhood has the perfect mix of hills and flat stretches. They literally rode over 300 miles through our neighborhood once the girls were stroller ready. They started on their balance bikes and then progressed to hand brakes. They were my little fitness buddies!! Now the girls are out of the stroller and enjoying shorter walks. They have worked up to 2 miles!

Bright side: Fitness is a constant in our lives. It always will be. No matter where we are, we will always find a way to consistently stay active!

I will miss our house! But, I look forward to creating a new home!


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