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Twin Mom Tips and Solutions

Today is the last day of another year, and I can proudly say I am not just surviving, but thriving as a mom of two sets of twins. Wow, there have been some VERY challenging times in 2017. Big emotions, tons of energy, some “confusion” about the what not to do inside the house, lots and lots of cooking, millions of dishes washed, thousands of loads of laundry folded, and countless pee cleanups in the bathroom. Ahh, the adventures of twins! Every day is an opportunity to be an awesome day!

The girls have now entered the fashion phase. You know, the one where they have to wear a particular pair of socks. Were they absolutely cannot go to sleep unless they are wearing their favorite pair of jammies. It’s a process that takes an incredible amount of time. They are little tornados and a handful in every way!!


  1. You must have clear expectations and consistent rules, but NOT too many. Too few rules lead to unmanageable chaos and too many leads to frustration and confusion.

  2. Don’t intervene unless there is imminent physical harm or someone is asking for help. They know each other better than I know them and they will sort it out.

  3. They will work together against you and for you. Once they figure out they can plot together… watch out! Don’t fight it, instead encourage it and steer it in a positive direction.

  4. My house will always be in some state of organized chaos. Find a system and a schedule and stick to it.

Every twin mom out there has a system or some amazing ways to make the most of the blessing of twin life. It’s a unique experience that I still can’t believe I can do twice!!

Here are some of my solutions to twin “issues”….

My solution is to include them in as many household chores as possible.

Yesterday, we cleaned the bathrooms… together! Yes, pinch me, I now have little helpers. They actually did a really good job. My goal with the bathroom cleaning project is if you make any chore a “job” where they are the “workers” it becomes fun. Lots and lots of praise for their work is key! Remember, those little spirits need to be encouraged and fed every day!

Whether it is smashing a bag of citrus and herbs for a venison marinade or putting groceries away. I include them in everything and try to make it a game.

This is awesome and so much fun, but also, at times overwhelming. Sometimes they play loudly together that our house sounds like an indoor playground. As a parent, that is what you want. Lots of energy, great humor, and creative play. But, functionally it has to be managed, or… it gets too nuts!

My solutions join in with them. Create a game together. Like a horse ride or whatever silly idea, you can come up with. Do it together, laugh tons, and make a big deal over how silly they are. Then you can rein it in easier.

Also, activity or together as a family is HUGE! Get active and silly with them!

Start this early and keep it going!


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