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Two girls and two boys


August 24, 2014

So….for my second twin, and first paleo pregnancy my husband and I learned we are going to have twin girls in February. How exciting! Now I don’t feel at all guilty about not saving many of the boy’s clothes.

We have an ultrasound coming up in three weeks to take an in depth look at the anatomy. I am both excited and nervous at the same time. How many of you experience this with? I am eager to see the girls but nervous to find out if anything is wrong. I suppose that is human nature.

This is my fourth official blog. I have a lot that I want to do with it. So, please bear with me as my writing and structure evolves. I am eager to share my tips, favorite recipes, kitchen gadgets and shopping tips. I also want to share information on health topics that could make a difference in your pregnancy and recovery. Finally I want to provide you with a movement library with exercises that you can do anywhere.

My new blog structure will include the following:

Short update on my status. Including: pregnancy update and household events

Health topic including article and links to supporting references

Real food/Paleo weekly recipe

Movement clip

Please let me know if there are any health topics or related information that you are interested in.

Best Regards,



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