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Week 26: 12 more weeks to go!


I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second set of twins. Right now, I have the laptop resting on my belly as I type. It keeps jumping around with the gentle kicks from the girls. They are so much more active than I remember the boys being. I feel their kicks even when I am actively moving around. With the boys, I had to be very still before I felt their kicks.

I have had great fun with the boys over the last week. We have really enjoyed our hikes in the cooler weather. Personally, I have enjoyed the cooler weather as I am able to do much more when the temperatures are low. The boys love to hike and explore nature. It is so awesome to see their reaction when they discover something new. This week they decided to rest for a minute on a bridge. When they laid down and looked up at the tree canopy…William said, “Mommy, the leaves of the trees look like a roof.” Cameron said, “look at the leaves, they are twinkling like the stars.” Then they decided to tackle each other before we continued on our hike.


Next week is a very exciting week, we have Halloween and the boy’s fourth birthday! This year, the boys are in charge of bringing in the preschool Halloween Party snack. We have chosen three delicious recipes:

This year we are handing out pencils with fun erasers, plastic army figures and Halloween erasers. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the kiddos in the neighborhood will accept them instead of candy. I just could not bring myself to promote the very thing that Moms4Health is against.

It is hard to believe that I have only 12 weeks until I meet the girls. How exciting!! They are kicking all the time. The boys were not as active as the girls are. I even feel them when I am exercising or active at work. That makes all the difficulties of a second twin pregnancy much more tolerable. The carpal tunnel in my right hand is better but still nagging. I am performing some median nerve stretches to relieve the pressure on the nerve that causes the pain. I am also limiting carbohydrate intake in the evening to reduce fluid retention. The combination has made a huge difference. I look forward to my movement training sessions as it makes my whole body feel better. Swimming is still wonderful and I relish my unloaded time in the pool. My hour long walks are lovely in the cool weather, but are getting more challenging. I am so grateful that I know how and a I am able to move my body. Movement/exercise is an amazing gift!

I also feel that my Paleo/Primal pregnancy is a gift. I feel confident that I am bathing the girls in nourishment with every meal or snack.  As I have stated before, nutrition is hugely important to me. I could not imagine doing things any differently. It is most definitely getting more difficult to do long hours in the kitchen for food preparation. I am doing a lot of prep work the day before to make assembly easy after work and I am doubling recipes to reduce standing time in the kitchen.

My husband and father in law have been hunting every weekend. My father in law got a deer two weeks ago, so we have a fresh supply of deer meat. I am hopeful that my husband will also get a deer and stock our freezer even more.

See you next week at week 27!


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