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Week 27: Halloween and 4th Birthday


So much has changed in the three years since the above pictures were taken. I have grown a lot as a mother and a wife. I have learned how to juggle life with twins, maintain a healthy household and improve my own health. The last four years have been, at times, hugely challenging but always, amazingly rewarding.  Those of you who are parents already know the joy children can bring into your life. I have learned a lot from my boys. They have taught me to think before I react, how to listen and really hear, how to laugh and find wonder in simple things and they have taught me patience.


They love each other and have a bond that is uniquely their own. Though they are very similar in certain ways, they are very different personalities and interests. They both love to pretend and make up games and stories, they love to pedal their tricycles around the house, and they love cars. Cameron loves to collect, sort and organize things we may look at as useless junk. He loves texture, music, color and cuddling time. William LOVES recycle and garbage trucks, dumpsters, and garbage cans.


It is super cool to see how they use my exercise equipment.  My Core-Tex platform, a reactive training tool, is a favorite. They have liked playing on it since they were 6 months, especially putting their hands on the surface and running on the ground beside it, a great T-spine mobilizer. William especially likes to pick up and carry the ViPRs. Cameron likes to slam them down hard on the ground and try to make them bounce. From resistance bands and Bosu to TRX and the True Stretch, they have helped me explore creative ways to use some of my favorite tools.


We took the boys to 18 Seaboard for their fourth birthday. It was a real treat. The chef took them on a private tour of the kitchen. They ordered wahoo and beef brisket for dinner, so the chef showed them the fresh wahoo. I made them each a Paleo chocolate cake using a recipe from The Spunky Coconut.  The recipe filled three, four inch mini springform pans. The cake was moist and did not need any frosting.



This was our first Halloween in our new house. William was a recycle man and Cameron was a Fireman. They have been wearing their costumes every day since Halloween.


Kevin took the boys trick or treating while I handed out our treats. This year we gave out fun Halloween themed pencils, erasers and little plastic Army men. Honestly, I was a little scared for the first couple groups of kids who came up. Most kids reacted politely, but they were obviously a little surprised to not receive candy.  The boys left their candy on the counterfeit the switch witch to collect.  She left them some stickers, markers and coloring books.


I am 27 weeks and three days pregnant with my second set of twins. I have grown a lot in the last three weeks. Today it is rainy and cold. I put on my raincoat and tried to zip it up like I did three weeks ago, I could not do it. 🙂 I am feeling more tired in the afternoon. It is a unique tired that can only be helped with a nap. This was no problem when I was pregnant with the boys, but now that I have two boy and I am pregnant with the girls, naps are hard to come by. When I am able to sleep, it is a super deep sleep, almost like a coma. I am still active every day, but I have had to reduce the intensity of my workouts. This is mainly because I don’t want to be too fatigued to manage all of my other responsibilities.


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