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Week 28: Doctor’s visit and the adventures of two four year old boys


Today I am 28 weeks and three days pregnant with my second set of twins. I am feeling very heavy and awkward. I feel fantastic after my movement sessions and I am so grateful for my training and training resources. I am also grateful for my knowledge of proper nutrition and hydration. I could not imaging going through this pregnancy without nourishing my body with movement and nutrients. Yes, I know I am a bit of a zealot about   nourishment and movement but it has had a profound impact on my life and my client’s lives.

Just as an aside…today I was listening to doctor radio and they were talking about treating type 2 diabetes. One of the callers asked the physician guest why her doctor never offered education on diet and lifestyle modifications. The physician, quite honestly, said because they do not get reimbursed for spending 30 minutes discussing lifestyle change. I don’t know about you, but to me that is disheartening. So, how does this pertain to this post…I firmly believe that it is my job to share the truths about nutrition and movement.


Last weekend we brought the boys on a train ride in New Hill, NC for their 4 year old birthday party. On the train, the boys shared an apple and drank some water. Sitting across from us was a nice family with, what looked like a 3 year old little boy and a 1 1/2 year old little girl. On the one hour train ride, they each had a package of captains wafers crackers, a bag of ritz crackers, a juice box, a pouch of liquid fruit and a cookie in a plastic wrapper. Neither child was overweight and appeared to be healthy at first glance. To me, that is the problem, if the children were overweight would we then equate their behavior as abnormal or unhealthy? When I look at those food products, I see the long term ramifications of ingesting the chemical laden products. There are some convenience items that make life a little easier for busy parents. But, when your factor in the long term health ramifications that come from eating a diet heavy with processed snacks. I feel like it is easier for me to take the time to make things from scratch or put together minimally processed convenience items.


Next week I am scheduled for the glucose tolerance check to screen for gestational diabetes. When I researched the ingredients in the glucose tolerance drink, I was shocked that physicians would deem it safe for pregnant women to drink. My doctor reluctantly agreed to let me drink 13 ounces of plain apple juice instead of the beverage below. Although I am not thrilled about drinking at least three days worth of sugar in one 13 ounce beverage, it is better than exposing my girls to the drink below.


My movement quality is still pretty good. I am active everyday with household chores and at least 90 minutes of “exercise movement.” I am working diligently on the median nerve and hip stretches as I am still experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel while sleeping at night. I feel fantastic release while swimming as I can use my whole body in an unloaded environment of the water. I also love the rhythmical movement of the ViPR and the hip dominant tilt patterns. Each day I am grateful for the gift of movement and how it adds to my life.


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