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Week 32: Home from the hospital and back again and reminiscing


Today I am 32 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I was released from the hospital last Sunday. As I mentioned in my last post, I went in thinking my water had broken. After two tests came back positive for amniotic fluid, the physician team decided I should be admitted to the hospital until I deliver. Deep down I had a feeling that something was not right and I knew deep down that I would be going home. My heart still sank when the doctors said that I would have to deliver early and the girls would have to stay in the NICU for 4-6 weeks. Part of me felt like a failure, I know, it is ridiculous but I felt like I had in some way caused the situation.  I felt afraid because I would have to take a short course of antibiotics as a standard precaution to prevent infection.  I also felt anxious about the work that needed to be done at home including cooking, shopping and planning the boy’s nutrition.

Fortunately after a short stay of two days, I was released. The doctors concluded the test results were an error because my cervix was fully in tact, both girls continually scored high on their tests and my fluid levels were not changing.  I felt such gratitude for the care I received and the help from family while I was away. I was able to stay on my real food/Paleo diet, study and read a lot and rest. I also enjoyed the compression device that squeezed my ankles and lower legs. 🙂

During my stay I managed to host a couple brief info sessions about the truths of pelvic health. It was so fun to share something with the nurses who were so kind to me. The food was not too bad. The veggies were fresh and steamed until crisp. My husband brought all my proteins from home. So, it was a good trial run for when we will deliver. I learned one of the residents coordinating my care was Paleo. He took note of my delicious breakfast of: super greens, kavas, broccoli, raw milk cheese, sardines, and a red skin potato.


I was able to perform two mobility sessions per day which felt divine on my newly deflated ankles.

My sister picked me up from the hospital on Sunday.  I could not imagine my life without her. She has been  an immense help to me. I am so grateful for my family.

My Mom came up from Charlotte on Tuesday and stayed for the whole week. That was a tremendous help as I wanted to get a lot done this week. My Mom cleaned the house and took on the huge task of washing tons of baby clothes and organizing them in the girls room. It was also nice to have an extra set of hands to care for the boys if I needed to lay down.

Monday was a glorious day of freedom to move and enjoy the day with my boys. We had a great time at the park.


The boys went to school on Tuesday and I enjoyed an outdoor mobility session along with a walk and stress free errands as I knew my Mom was with the boys. Wednesday was a big cooking day. While my Mom did more laundry and played with the boys….I made: 4 batches of two different kinds of Paleo nut and seed granola (one with fruit and one without), 3 batches of Kevin’s homemade energy bars, dried apple chips and dinner. Wednesday night my Mom treated my sister and I to a lovely dinner at 18 Seaboard Restaurant. My sister wrote an amazing letter accentuated with pictures from our youth. It was so awesome. My Mom gave me two hand knit sweaters, booties and caps along with an afghan for each of my girls from my Grandmother. These are some of my favorite pictures with my Grandmother and Grandfather.


Thursday was another school day, so I was able to enjoy another movement session along with a walk at a local park.Friday morning I woke up more tired than usual so I decided to sleep in instead of working with my ViPR. I did not feel quite right that morning while running errands. When I stopped at home to pick up my son’s water bottle, again I thought I had broken my water. So, my husband and I traveled back to the hospital for the third time in two weeks. Fortunately everything was still ok and I had not broken my water. Now, I feel confident that I understand the difference between late pregnancy symptoms and symptoms associated with preterm labor.

Saturday would have been my Grandmother’s 100th Birthday. My Aunt and cousins spent the day celebrating with bacon sandwiches and singing her favorite songs at her gravesite. She was an amazing woman. I think about her every day!


Finally two more pictures from 12 years ago:



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