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Week 33: Colds, snow and Christmas cookies


Here I am at 33 weeks,6 1/2 days pregnant with my second set of twins. My husband and I had a great appointment at the doctor on Monday. They checked the fluid levels around the girls and heartbeats. Fortunately, everything looked great and they officially ruled out that I had broken my water. I celebrated with a delicious nutrient packed salad for lunch followed by a ViPR movement session and a walk at a local nature park. I felt so great and thankful to hopefully be safely on my way to a full term twin pregnancy.

Tuesday morning, I went for my morning swim and I had a difficult time completing my workout because every time I took a deep breath it would start a coughing fit. Oh NO!! I knew then one of my boys had gifted me their cold. By the time I got home and tried to eat breakfast, I was not feeling myself. I had no appetite and I was super tired.

The night before I had made the Paleo Mom’s Spinach Brownies for the boy’s preschool Christmas party. I gave the boys a sample and one of my sons told me it was too plain and he did not think his friend would like them.  I think I added too much plantain which crowded out the sweetness from the honey and molasses.  I was too tired to come up with a remedy Monday night  so I need to do a quick fix Tuesday morning before I dropped them off at school. Fortunately I had some extra chocolate, peppermint extract and coconut oil. I made a quick ganache and received approval from both boys. I dropped them off at school and went for a walk and movement session before their party at 11:30. By the time I finished my walk, I was so dreadfully sick that I went to get some cough drops and kleenex. The preschool Christmas party was short, simple and adorable. After the party, we went home for nap and my other son showed signs of a fever. Awesome!! I was sick and now my other son was sick too.

Here is what I am doing for our colds…I mixed up a cold remedy including the juice of two lemons, a pinch of real salt, and one pound of freshly grated ginger. I have been sipping this along with my home brewed kombucha all week. For the boys, I gave them an extra dose of liquid vitamin D, Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend and extra probiotic. Both boys are drinking bone broth and kombucha daily.

The boys have been confined to the house except for a couple errands since Tuesday. Let me tell you how not fun that is. They are like little caged animals. 🙂 On Wednesday, I decided to do a simple gingerbread man craft with puffy paint. Which, I quickly learned with two sick toddlers who are coughing (hands on mouth) and wiping their nose (with hands–we are working on the kleenex) was a bad idea. Note to all Moms…puffy paint does not come out of anything!! It all started nicely and slowly evolved into body painting session with puffy paint everywhere. The gingerbread men turned out cute though.


Thursday we cooked, cleaned and hung out inside. During this time I came to the conclusion that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I would most definitely ask to come back as some sort of an egg laying animal. As I am now, at 33 weeks feeling uncomfortably enormous. So, here are my list of most common complaints:

  1. I can’t breathe well because one of the girls is fond of wedging what I think is her butt up under my ribs on one side and some feet on the other side

  2. I can’t lay on my back with less than a 60 degree incline because I feel like I have a 50 pound medicine ball on my chest and belly

  3. It is difficult for me to roll from side to side as it feels crazy weird to roll my belly as it sort of sloshes when I move

  4. I usually sit on the ground for a minute or two, after completing whatever task brought me down there, strategizing on how I am going to get up from the floor

  5. I can’t/should not pick up my boys and cuddle them on my lap…HUGE BUMMER!!!

Ok. That’s it. The rest is all good. I am so grateful to be writing this blog from home with my two girls still cooking inside.

Friday, the boys went to visit Ms. Gloria at the Holly Springs Barbar Shop.


Saturday morning started with flurries flying through the air and two very excited little boys that it was snowing. You can’t actually see the snow in the air on the picture, but I promise it was there…


Saturday afternoon, my Mother in law came over and baked Christmas cookies with us. We made two different kinds of cutout cookies: Coconut flour butter cookies and Grain free sugar cookies. I brushed the top of the coconut flour cookies with butter to try to prevent cracking. The boys decorated the top with: Goji berries, pistachio meats, Enjoy Life mini dark chocolate chips, coconut sugar, golden and regular raisins and slivered almonds.



Everything went fairly smoothly until the end when two tired little boys had enough of me reminding them not to push down too hard with the decorations because the delicate coconut flour cookies kept breaking apart. The cookies turned out pretty well. The second recipe was much easier to manage with an almond flour/coconut flour blend. Today I am going to try a different cookie: Christmas Cucidati.

Until next week (which is tomorrow :)….


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