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Weeks 24-25 Pregnant


Today I am 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my second set of twins. I am generally still feeling well. I am starting to feel fatigued in the afternoon and I am starting to experience symptoms of carpal tunnel in my right hand at night. I had carpal tunnel in both hands during my first pregnancy with the boys. I remember having trouble writing at work because it got so bad. Fortunately it is only at night right now.

I am still performing my movement training, walking and swimming. I have added soft tissue including lots of foot and lower leg work to my routine. My feet, ankles and lower legs get super tight and swollen towards the end of the day which is caused by multiple factors including increased body weight, shift forward with my center of mass, hormones, etc.

William has graduated to underwear at nap time! Yay! Today is the first day that Cameron gives it a try. Truthfully, I am a little nervous, but he insisted he could do it. I could not take that away from him.

My sister, Jaclyn, has been hugely helpful on the weekends. She has come with us to the farmer’s market and Whole Foods the last two weekends. It is so nice to have an extra set of hands with the boys and carrying bags at the market. My Mom also has been amazing. She drives up from Charlotte each week to watch the boys. She has done this since I returned to work over 3 years ago. Lately she has also been helping me stay on top of house cleaning, laundry and organizing. My Mother in Law and Father in Law have also been amazingly helpful with keeping the boys every Monday and whenever I have appointments. I am very lucky to have such a supportive family. I know that I would not be able to keep up with everything on my own.

Today, Jaclyn and I took the boys to the Holly Springs Fire Station. They had a blast talking to the firemen, spraying the hose, climbing in the firetruck and sliding down the big inflatable slide. I love living here! Holly Springs is such a fun place for the kids to grow up. This afternoon, we are off to the “Castle Park”. It has an amazing assortment of wooden play structures with ropes, swings, slides, and bars. We have not been in several months, so I am excited to surprise them!

My next blog post is going to revisit the importance of movement during pregnancy, especially a twin pregnancy. I have learned and put into practice, some key strategies to achieving safe movement during pregnancy from my class in Postnatal training. Jenny Burrell is a therapist and women’s health educator in the UK. If you are involved at all with women’s health, therapy, bodywork or personal training I encourage you to seek out her educational offerings. The information I have learned so far has been invaluable.

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