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Wine or Run?

The magic of Christmas is amazing and beautiful. The energy behind the kids’ imaginations is at times unmanageable and unnerving. When I am able to be an active participant in the energy and enthusiasm… no problem! When I have to step into my mom shoes and manage the house, prepare dinner, pick up, give baths, take the girls to the potty… etc, I feel like a spinning top!

We have entered a new stage in our house. One that I have been secretly dreading. The girls do not want anything to do with my most cherished tool… bedtimethe stroller. It has been so fabulous to pop them in the stroller and go out for a brisk walk after dinner. The boys would ride their bike and we could all get a little energy out before bed time. Now, we still walk, but it is at a pace of about 25 minutes per mile. So goes my stress reduction method.

The other day. It felt like everyone was a million miles per hour. All four kids were requesting food non stop. I washed thousands of dishes and they kept coming. The girls were not interested in doing anything I asked of them... nonstop from taking a nap to take a bath. Every request was a struggle. By the end of the day....the four little loves completely crushed me. By the time my husband came home...I knew I had to do something to get rid of the stress hormones surging through my system. I don't drink, but I have one bottle of wine in the house that was a gift from a client. I thought I have two choices... wine or run?

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I chose my trusted stress reduction method... run. I just put on my shoes, I did not even change clothes and I went out and ran. Ahhh... almost immediately, I felt the stress melting away.

There are days that I could go for a walk all by myself in the evening. But, getting out the door by myself would be terrible. The girls love to walk and want to come with me anywhere I go.

So, now until the girls get strong enough to go for a bike ride like my boys use to do, I will continue building their endurance. We will continue to walk every day and get those little legs stronger. I know, just like their brothers, they will soon be ready to tackle the neighborhood hills.

Until we can enjoy family fitness together, I will keep plugging away at my other stress-reducing methods and loving on my littles

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