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Essential Mom Movement Mobility Circuit

The purpose of this circuit is to reintegrate the core from a global perspective. If you want to have a functional abdominal wall and pelvic floor after having one or more babies, you must train the whole body in an integrated fashion.

If you do not have all of the tools and equipment in this video, choose alternative loads or simply use the ground and bodyweight! The goal is to move away from isolated “body part” movements and use your whole beautiful body!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!!

MOVEMENT MOBILITY CIRCUIT: Exercise 1️⃣ (2 variations)

🤔How many times per day are you getting up from a seated position on the floor and then moving to another spot?

😃For me… A LOT! Sometimes I do it on purpose to change positions. But, most of the time is subconsciously out of need! So, let’s train it consciously and get ready for the subconscious!

🤗Added benefit here is the hip decoupling (via SI Joint), hip capsule mobility (my R hip can use this), and better motion through the core and pelvic floor via the hips!


Enjoy 5-8 reps per side!

Check out The Institute of Motion Platform App for lots of great Ground to Standing patterns. Start there and then make them your own!!

Aim for 5-8 reps per side!

ESSENTIAL MOM MOVEMENT MOBILITY SERIES: Exercise 2️⃣ (2 variations: Hang and Handstand)

🙅🏻‍♀️How many times do you tell yourself…”I can’t do that!” Or “No way should I be doing that, I have a diastasis!”

🙋🏻‍♀️Take it from this girl, yes me… you can build up to its lovely ladies! Motion begets motion!

👍🏽Start with a hang and then build towards adding some gentle movement with your hips. This motion stimulates your abdominal wall and strengthens your shoulders.

👍🏽Handstands are another great tool! Build up slowly and watch your shoulder health improve! Get rid of that nagging pain in your neck!!

Enjoy 30-60 seconds!

ESSENTIAL MOM MOVEMENT MOBILITY CIRCUIT: Exercise 3️⃣ (2 variations: shift middle and shift high to low)

🤗Moms, this exercise is so applicable to our everyday! There are many activities that we do with our upper body from either a seated or a squatting activity!

👬👭If you have littles our world is 3 feet or less off the ground.

😃Both variations help the thoracic spine tolerate greater ranges of motion. Not only do these patterns feel amazing, but they also have tremendous life function carryover!

👣 I adore my Vivobarefoot shoes as they enable my feet to react and respond to the motion of the ViPR Pro! Remember, foot health is directly tied to the core and pelvic floor health!

🌍 Improve your world and invest in a ViPR !

Enjoy 30-60 seconds for each variation hitting as many angles as possible with a tall spine!


🙋🏻‍♀️I love combo movements for mobility!

⭐️Here is a simple combo that loads the abdominal wall in a lengthened position and puts motion into all aspects of your hips!

🤰This is a very easily modifiable exercise that can be progressed from initial loading of the abdominal wall postpartum to later more advanced.

😊For my body, l lose subconscious tensioning through my abdominal wall as I roll out so I keep my range of motion short! You could go longer and with a smaller ball!

Enjoy both variations of this drill for 6-10 reps per side!

MOVEMENT MOBILITY SERIES: Exercise 5️⃣ (2 variations)

Planking is most definitely a go-to exercise for the “core”.

🧐Think about the core this way… it is a reactor. It reacts and responds to a driver.

🤰Restoring your core after pregnancy requires a global approach. Reintegrating the core requires whole-body resilience with a special emphasis on the core...

😊This exercise can be modified down or up by shortening levers or adding external load/speed!

🤗Remember to breathe rhythmically and keep a long, tall spine throughout!


Enjoy 2-3 sets of 5-10 reps per direction per side per driver!


🙋🏻‍♀️Who is interested in:

✅training your core and

✅improving your mobility through your upper back and shoulders at the same time?

Training your core must include the thoracic spine and hips! We cannot “tell” our core to engage and expect to have functional carryover. It must react to something.

This is especially important when recovering your abdominal wall postpartum! Think global stimulus!

Here are two variations of a Db shoulder to overhead reach matrix!

👉🏽Reaching to the front engages the back.

👉🏽Reaching to the back engages the front.

Then of course you have the sides and opposite sides as well as rotation!

Enjoy all variations with a light load for 3-5 rounds per variation


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